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Jiayuguan Daolai River Grand Canyon, beautiful scenery, natural, but little known

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Jiayuguan Daolai River Grand Canyon, beautiful scenery, natural, but little known

#HeaderCreationChallenge# I have seen a ranking of the most beautiful canyons in China. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Nujiang Grand Canyon, Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon, Jinsha River Tiger Leaping Gorge are all on the list. The scenery of these canyons is naturally incomparable, but most of them are full of trees and green, and the scenery is beautiful. It is rare to see a canyon with a sense of vicissitudes and a majestic spirit like the Grand Canyon in the United States. If you want to see a "tough guy" style canyon, the Daolaihe Grand Canyon in the south of Jiayuguan in the northwest desert is recommended. If you want to talk about the Grand Canyon, you must first talk about a river - the Dalai River. This is a magical river. It has flowed for thousands of years in the Gobi desert. The continuous flow of glacial meltwater and groundwater in the Qilian Mountains has kept this river from drying up since ancient times, nourishing generations of northwesterners. For a long time, flowing water, crustal movement, wind and rain erosion have carved out a majestic and magnificent momentum, showing the beauty of the Dalai Grand Canyon that people see today. Almost no vegetation can be seen, and the Dalai Canyon is like a huge crack in the ground, like the battlefield after the battle of the gods in the sky, and it is full of desolation. And those rocky canyon walls with time stamps are so exquisitely carved that they can withstand the harshest scrutiny. The river in the canyon is silent and silent, recording the distant history and changing the situation. Overlooking from a height, the blue river water and the golden Gobi Desert are in stark contrast, as if you can see the vicissitudes of geological evolution over millions of years. The valley is about 20 feet deep, and the cliffs on both sides are as sharp as a knife and axe, and are steep vertically. The melting water of the Qilian Mountain glacier, which flows all year round, is pure and clear. It is rare to see water in the northwest desert, but as long as you see it, it is the most extreme scenery. Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province can be regarded as a place of treasures. In addition to the well-known Xiongguan Great Wall, in the vast background of "the desert is solitary, the long river is setting the sun", the scenery of the Dalai Grand Canyon is like a surprise, allowing people to appreciate the Gobi desert. the other side. (You are welcome to like and leave a message in the comment area. For more exciting content, please pay attention / fall out of the list)

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