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A family in Henan invited friends for dinner. "7 dishes and 2 wines" filled the table. When checking out, the friend exclaimed: "It's really good."

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A family in Henan invited friends for dinner. "7 dishes and 2 wines" filled the table. When checking out, the friend exclaimed: "It's really good."

As the old saying goes: Relationships depend on walking, and human relationships depend on exchanges! In the interaction between people, it is inevitable to treat guests to dinner. Today I will be the host, and tomorrow you will treat guests. If you pay more courtesy and exchange a few times, the relationship between them will become familiar. Well, the relationship won't last long. No, a few days ago, a family from Henan ordered "7 dishes and 2 wines" to warmly entertain a friend who came to play from thousands of miles away. The friend came to Henan for the first time and thought that a table full of food was expensive. But when he went to checkout after eating and drinking, the friend was stunned and exclaimed: "Henan people are so real!" What kind of food did this family order to surprise friends from other places? Don't worry, everyone, and listen to me slowly.

Let's take a look at the drinks this family uses to entertain friends

This friend is from Shandong, and the family in Henan doesn't know what wine he likes to drink, so he ordered it I bought two wines, one is from Yangshao Cai Taofang, which is native to Henan, and the other is from a rising star in Guizhou who is destined to imitate Taiwan wine. 1. Yangshao Painted Pottery Workshop · Renhe In the eyes of Henan people, Yangshao wine is the "Maotai" of Guizhou! Yangshao Liquor comes from Henan. The winery is located in Mianchi County, the birthplace of "Yangshao Culture". It has a brewing history of more than 7,000 years and is one of the business cards of Henan liquor. Cai Tao Fang · Renhe belongs to the entry-level series of Yangshao wine. The bottle is made of a retro and elegant hand-painted tank. The wine is soft and sweet, with a long-lasting aftertaste. It's a better choice. 2. Fate to imitate Taiwanese wine Fate to imitate Taiwanese wine, Maotai Town, Kweichow, is the hometown of Maotai. Due to the location selection, the winery has three major brewing resources: one is the convenient access to the Chishui River water, the second is the unique microbial colony, and the third is the unreproducible geographical environment. . Yuande imitation Taiwan wine also adopts the traditional kunsha technique and is forged in one year, during which it has gone through more than 160 processes. The aroma is rich and mellow, the wine is smooth in the mouth, full-bodied and rich in layers, and the taste is still unfinished after a glass of wine.

Let's take a look at the 7 dishes ordered by this family:

1. Braised mutton braised mutton, a special snack in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, is said to have originated in the early Tang Dynasty. Famous for its tender meat and fresh soup, it is now one of the traditional delicacies in Henan. 2. Barrel Chicken Barrel Chicken is one of the more well-known Henan dishes. It comes from Kaifeng, Henan Province. Its color is bright yellow, its meat is crisp and tender, and the more chewy it is, the more fragrant it is. Men, women and children can eat more. This dish focuses on chicken. Good to find an old hen to cook. 3. Shuangma fire Shuangma fire, that is, pies in many places in the south, generally for breakfast or dinner, with a bowl of oil tea, the taste is absolutely delicious. 4. Roasted Mushrooms with Pine Nuts This is a home-cooked dish. It is eaten not only in Henan, but also in many places. We use plump pine nuts, deep-fry them until golden brown, add the soaked mushrooms, cook them, and taste crispy and fragrant. Delicious and rich in layers. 5. Peanut cake Peanut cake has a long history. I heard from the older generation that this cake was born in the Song Dynasty and has a history of hundreds of years. The peanut cake tastes sweet but not greasy, and the lips and teeth are fragrant. It is more appropriate to eat it at leisure to kill the cravings in the stomach. 6. Luoyang agar-agar Luoyang agar-agar, also affectionately called "Peony Agar-agar", is one of the traditional famous dishes in Luoyang. Not bad, it is often seen in weddings and weddings. 7. One side of Hu spicy soup is water and soil to support the other person. In some places, people eat soy milk fritters in the morning, while in some places people eat morning tea. Immediately full of energy. Hu spicy soup is actually an ordinary bone soup, but unlike southerners who drink bone soup, Henan people will add beef grains, grass fruits, pepper, chili, etc., and it tastes sour and delicious. The above are the dishes and drinks ordered by the Henan family who invited their friends to dinner. "7 dishes and 2 wines" filled the table. Seeing that the table was full, the friend was embarrassed to say that they had spent money, and waited until the Henan family settled the bill. , this friend couldn't help but exclaimed: Really, this is the beginning of the scene! Ok, that's all for today's sharing, what do you think about this? Feel free to speak up! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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