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The lonely woman in the world, isolated from the world for 78 years! Unaware of the outbreak, family members died mysteriously

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The lonely woman in the world, isolated from the world for 78 years! Unaware of the outbreak, family members died mysteriously

#我在Headers engaged in creation second issue# She has been isolated from the world for 78 years, I don't know what year it is today, but it is a kind of happiness to be with heaven and earth and live with nature. Can you imagine? In the three years that the epidemic has ravaged the world, there is actually a woman who has never heard of the epidemic! She has been isolated from the world for 78 years. She has lived alone for half a century. She does not know the end of World War II and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. She has never used the Internet or mobile phone. The government wants to give her a city house, but she doesn't want it! She would rather live alone in an uninhabited, extremely cold place. She is the loneliest woman in the world, Agafia Lykova △ The picture above is a young Agafia, and the picture below is her now 01 Agafia, the loneliest person in the world The woman Agafiya is a 78-year-old Russian grandmother who lives alone in the uninhabited area of ​​Siberia where the temperature is -50°C all the year round. From birth to the present, she has been in a log cabin. No electricity and heating, living a primitive life. She also has no neighbors. He was unmarried, had no children, and lived a lonely life. If it weren't for the Soviet expedition team, she would probably have lived a peaceful life... In the spring of 1978, a Soviet scientific expedition team flew over Siberia and suddenly saw a wooden house in a no-man's land. This discovery shocked the whole world. Expedition team! The plane circled back and forth. Scientists carefully identified and finally determined that there were humans living here. The story of Agafiya was discovered by the world. 02 In order to survive, escape to the extremely cold no-man's land! It turned out that Agafiya's parents believed in the old etiquette school, which was not allowed in the Soviet Union at that time. Although they lived in remote areas, they could not escape being hunted down and persecuted. In 1936, her father, Karp, witnessed his brother being shot. In order to survive, he had to flee eastward with his wife and children. They came to a place with water sources and forests, and Garp cut down trees and built a simple log cabin. Then settled here. Unbeknownst to Karp, they were already 250 kilometers deep into the no-man's land of Siberia. This is truly no man's land. Here they reclaimed the wasteland and sowed the seeds they brought. Siberia has a particularly long winter, and they can only struggle to find and grow food in the short spring, summer and autumn. Life here is very inconvenient and the climate is quite harsh, but the family is living fairly comfortably. They work at sunrise, rest at sunset, and stay indoors in winter, and the Caps would read the Bible to the children, the only book they brought. The Caps gave birth to another pair of children, Agafia being their youngest daughter. The arrival of new life makes the family happier. △Young Agafiya and her father △It’s a pity that Agafiya’s family and the wooden house they live in are not beautiful. In 1961, the weather was extremely abnormal, and it was also the most difficult year for the Agafiya family. In June of this year, it snowed suddenly. The food they grow froze to death before they were ripe. There was a vast expanse of white everywhere, without any food. They gnawed on leather shoes, peeled off tree bark, and ate everything they could or couldn't eat. I finally got through the winter, but the mother who always gave food to her children, couldn't get through... 03 The government tried its best to help, but she couldn't integrate into modern society. They survived in the wilderness for decades, stumbling and stumbling. Come 1978, the year the Soviet expedition team discovered them. Seeing the expedition team, Agafiya was very shocked. She never saw anyone outside her family. I have never seen a machine that can fly in the sky. The scientific expedition team was also shocked. They did not expect that there were humans in the extremely cold no-man's land, and it was extremely simple and did not have any modern atmosphere. △The expedition team recorded the story of Agafiya and her father. The expedition team hurriedly took out their own food, and later specially sent food and clothes, and helped them build a house. Learn about their stories and help in any way they can. What the enthusiastic expedition team did not expect was that their arrival would harm the Agafiya family. In the years that followed, her family, with the exception of Agafia, died one after another. Why is this happening? It is likely that the scientific expedition team carried a modern virus. The virus is fine to most people, but it is deadly to the Agafiya family. △The scientific expedition team and Agafiya live in cold Siberia all year round. It’s like a big refrigerator, and germs can’t survive. This is equivalent to that they have been living in a sterile environment, and it is difficult to resist the sudden virus, while Agafiya is not sick, it may be that she is younger and her body's resistance and adaptability are better. But she lost all her family and lived alone in a wooden house, becoming the loneliest woman in the world. Fortunately, the government took on the responsibility of taking care of her. Every year, someone brings enough food, clothes, seeds and animals to keep Agafiya safe for the winter. A scientist on the expedition team yearns for this simple life. Even after retiring, he came here and became Agafiya's neighbor. Agafiya also has the opportunity to go out. She went out a total of 6 times. She took the train, the car, and went to the old denomination church, but unfortunately the denomination did not agree with her beliefs. The government wants to give her a house in the city, hoping that she can live a more comfortable life in the city. But Agafiya was not used to the noise of the city. All kinds of rumbling machines and towering buildings made her afraid. She believes in her religious beliefs all her life, and she can't find her companions here. So, she returned to the cabin again, and continued to live a life of working at sunrise and resting at sunset, and continued to read the Bible in her spare time. The days are simple yet fulfilling. In 2005, her only neighbor, the expedition team member, died. And Agafia continued to live her life, day after day, year after year. For 78 years, Agafiya has always maintained a pure and free heart. Although she is alone, she is not alone. Outside, she can feel the real nature, and inside, she has a firm belief. She may be tougher than us. After all, a person who can live in a no-man’s land of -50°C for 78 years without heating is probably one of the hardest-core people in the world. This reminds Daqi that there is also an old grandmother in Siberia. She is Lyubov Morkhodova. Her husband is dead and her children are in Moscow, but she just wants to live alone on the shores of Lake Baikal. With the memories of her husband and her husband, she lived quietly with the animals. When she has nothing to do, she skates freely and enjoys solitude all the time. Whether it is Agafiya or Lyubov, they are all in a place isolated from the world, with the heaven and the earth, embracing the sun, moon and stars, guarding the faith and tranquility in their hearts. Is this life lonely, what do you think?

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