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What is the favorite self-driving travel destination for the elderly in winter?

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What is the favorite self-driving travel destination for the elderly in winter?

The meaning of travel is to meet a different self. Therefore, you don’t have to be extravagant, and you don’t have to pursue distance. The key is to follow your heart. The dream of traveling around the world is always beautiful. Before spring arrives, everyone should go out with their loved ones. Have fun, bring your good mood on weekends, and drive around Sanya together~ 1. Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park is located in Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort, Sanya City, Hainan Province, the only tropical coastal city in China. With a total area of ​​1,506 hectares, it is the first forest park in Sanya developed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the national forest park specifications, and the first coastal mountain ecological sightseeing and ecological holiday forest park in Hainan Province. 2. In view of the request of the majority of believers, the Religious Affairs Bureau of the State Council of China and the Hainan Provincial People's Government officially approved the construction of Nanshan Temple in 1993, and approved the sculpture of a 108-meter-high Guanyin statue in the sea in front of Nanshan Temple. This statue was built by the South China Sea Guanyin Merit Foundation, Sanya, Hainan. The three statues are integrated, majestic and magnificent. Zhao Puchu, chairman of the Buddhist Association of China, gladly inscribed the icon "Goddess of Mercy on the Sea of ​​the South China Sea". Guanyin Bodhisattva represents compassion in Buddhism. He mainly assists Amitabha Buddha in the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss to save his precepts, and in the Saha world, that is, the real world, to help Sakyamuni Buddha carry out education. 3. Sanya Coconut Dream Promenade Visiting Coconut Dream Promenade in the evening is the most emotional thing. On the sea-facing side of the Coconut Dream Corridor, there is a beautiful and charming tropical plant garden, which contrasts with the silver sandy beach and blue sea; on the other side is a charming leisure resort with a clever layout. The twenty-mile-long coastal road stretches along the bay, and the coconut palm forests extend westward to Tianya Bay. 4. Tianya Haijiao Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area leaves Sanya City along the seashore for 26 kilometers westward, and reaches the foot of Maling Mountain, which is the wonder of "Tianya Haijiao". At this point, tourists seem to have reached the end of the world. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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