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Recommended places for domestic self-driving tours with beautiful scenery

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Recommended places for domestic self-driving tours with beautiful scenery

The most beautiful scenery is on the road, especially in the spring season, it is most suitable for a family to travel by car, outing, enjoying flowers, and breathing fresh air. There is always one suitable for you in these holy places for outing in Jinan. 1. Jiuru Mountain Waterfall Group Scenic Area is about 48 kilometers away from the urban area of ​​Jinan. The vegetation coverage rate is over 97%, and the negative oxygen ion content is over 70,000 per cubic centimeter, ranking first in Jinan. The scenic area covers an area of ​​36 square kilometers and can be divided into four major tourist areas: "Shen Tan Fei Waterfall Scenic Area", "Jiuru Canyon Scenic Area", "Tianpeng Waterfall Scenic Area" and "Great Wall Ancient Road Scenic Area". The mountains are continuous, the peaks are stacked, the canyons are vertical and horizontal, the forests are dense, the mountain springs are all over the place, the streams are intertwined, and the waterfalls are in groups. Nine waterfalls, twenty-four springs, and thirty-six peaks are the core landscapes. 2. The Ziyuan Herb Garden is mainly planted with lavender, which is the largest base of lavender planting area in Shandong. At the same time, the park also grows verbena, thousand day red, rape flower, colorful sunflower, peony, rose, catnip, Gesang flower , cosmos and more than 20 kinds of herbs. The flowers begin to bloom one after another in March. Let’s go to a feast of spring with the herb garden. 3. Hongye Valley Ecological and Cultural Tourism Zone Hongye Valley is a "natural oxygen bar". In spring, miscellaneous peanut trees, warblers flying around, red peaches, white pear flowers, and yellow forsythia are dotted in a vibrant mountain forest. middle. 4. Qilu No. 8 Fengqing Road Qilu No. 8 Fengqing Road is located in the east of Wande Town, Changqing District. The "six villages on the first line" start from Bashan Village in the north and pass through Racecourse, Jade Emperor Temple, Zhangzhuang, Fangzhuang, and Matao Village. Ancient villages, ancient wells, Qi Great Wall ruins, Phoenix Ridge, Baxian Stones, etc. are all integrated into it. Among the six villages along the route, the environment is beautiful, the forest coverage rate reaches 80%, and the original ecological environment is like a natural oxygen bar. The quaint local customs and natural regional characteristics all show the natural features of the western foot of Mount Tai and the humanistic spirit of Qilu. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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