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Li Jiaqi returned after 109 days of disappearance, but hastily stopped the broadcast. Is he cold?

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Li Jiaqi returned after 109 days of disappearance, but hastily stopped the broadcast. Is he cold?

On June 3, Li Jiaqi's live broadcast was suddenly interrupted. Known as the live broadcast model worker, he has never appeared in the public eye again. The last Weibo has also been stuck in the explanation of this "equipment failure". It was not until 109 days later, at 7 pm on September 20, that Li Jiaqi, who had disappeared for more than three months, finally appeared in the live broadcast room again. "Ah ah ah ah" and "You're finally back" in the comment area. The live broadcaster finally came back in a low-key manner. 01's comeback this time did not have any pre-publicity. After the live broadcast started, his Weibo has not been updated, and it still stayed on June 3. However, many people's circles of friends are spontaneously forwarding it for him. "That man is back" was swiped all over the screen. Relying on such "tap water", the audience finally reached more than 60 million. In a cheerful screen, many people played tricks. "Oriental Clearance is back." "Your Highness, all the girls have been waiting for you here for 30,000 years." "Your Highness in the shopping world and his 80 million Moonlight people." Someone said, watching the live broadcast and crying. In a high praise note of Xiaohongshu, the boyfriend took pictures of his girlfriend crying, and many girls in the comment area expressed their understanding. Others said, "I don't have to buy it, but he can't be there." Many people even said, "Although I have never bought anything from him, I am very happy to see him come back." And don't, the dust finally settled today. Even people who don't watch the live broadcast and don't buy things have been paying attention to him, and he seems to represent more meaning. More than three months have passed, and everyone has not forgotten this live broadcaster. But he seems to have underestimated the impact of his comeback. When he came back to the live broadcast room on the day of his comeback, he could see that many items on the shelves were out of stock. The live broadcast time is also relatively short, and the live broadcast will end at 9:00 pm. He said that most of the items that were originally going to be put on the shelves today were out of stock, so he pushed them to tomorrow, and asked him to re-negotiate with the merchants about the supply quantity, and then broadcast them tomorrow. During the live broadcast, he kept emphasizing that "don't buy because of me, buy only if you really need it, and everyone consumes rationally." And such a half-time live broadcast with insufficient stocking, he has achieved sales of at least 127 million in more than two hours. Some people say that this is his concentrated release of potential energy for more than 100 days. But no matter what, it can be seen that the return of "Old Li Tou" was really warmly welcomed by everyone. 02Many people often say that the Internet has no memory. In the few months he was away, there has not been an anchor who can completely replace him. Such influence has factors of the times, but it is also related to his unique charm. He has the ability to make everyone comfortable, which is evident from his part-time job as a counter shopping guide in college. He said he was a particularly sensitive person. "I am very sensitive. For example, there are 12 people in a meal. I will know what his current state is through the expressions of everyone. So I sometimes see a sentence from fans or what they care about. It will be faster." This kind of keen observation is a huge consumption for many people, but he can maintain this state for a long time all year round, as if it is integrated into instinct. He thinks it might be talent. In his mother's mouth, he has always been good. "Since he was a child, he never quarreled with others, did not fight like other children, and would not cause trouble. At that time, all the children were in the arcade to play games. He never went, just at home. Listen to the song." And being so well-behaved and sensible since childhood, some people think it may be related to his family. His parents had an emotional breakdown when he was a child, and the two divorced. He followed his mother, and her mother pulled him to grow up alone. He became a beauty anchor in 2016, when he was 24 years old. And he came into contact with beauty earlier, when he was in college. He studied in the dance department at university, and the dance department has a makeup class. At that time, his ability in beauty makeup was especially praised by the teacher. His department head said to him, "Jiaqi, you are very talented in makeup. Maybe you should be a makeup artist in the future, not a dance teacher." In his third year, he started to work part-time and tried countless copies After work, he became a shopping guide at a Maybelline counter in a mall. There, he was even more like a duck to water. From leading colleagues to customers, almost everyone liked him very much, and he became the king of popularity. He also quickly became the "King of Sales" at some of the company's big events. Later, even some SKII executives wanted to raise his salary to dig him several times, but he refused. He likes the feeling of being recognized and accepted at Maybelline and even being pampered by others. Going to other places, may not be so comfortable. There, he can call friends every day, save meals at the counter, and invite colleagues to go to his rental house to eat crayfish together, "Come to my house for dinner, it's better to choose a day than to hit the day, what about tonight!" 032016 4 In this month, Taobao launched a live streaming function. At this time, Li Jiaqi was selected by the company to participate in a "BA Internet celebrity" project, entered the finals, and officially became a beauty anchor. In the initial live broadcast, there were often only dozens of fans. He broadcasted for 6 hours for dozens of consecutive days, and the whole person lost 20 pounds. Later, his tonsils became inflamed, and he was so weak that he was about to give up. Suddenly a large influx of new audiences, it turned out that he was placed in the recommended position. And he has also successfully retained the audience. In the industry parlance, he "caught the traffic of the platform". He said he was a bit of a "crazy" person. He was satisfied with more and more people responding to him in front of the screen. That time, he caught the feeling of live broadcast. In 2017, he thought he would never go to a big city to work hard and moved to Shanghai. At that time, what he told the assistant was to go home after earning 20 million yuan. Unexpectedly, on the highway of development, it was out of control. The wind at the outlet was very strong, but perhaps it was this uncontrollable opportunity that caused him to have a long-term traffic anxiety. When it was serious, he couldn't even fall asleep and could only let himself broadcast a little more. He has bronchitis and needs to carry medicine to save his life. He has changed from a person who has a very rich social life and often invites friends for supper to a person who "has no entertainment life for three years". "I used to be the kind of person who asked a bunch of friends to play with you whenever you wanted to go out to play. But now, I hardly have any friends. I only have colleagues, and I only have colleagues around me." He has strong feelings A sense of crisis, he accompanied his family on a trip abroad during the Spring Festival, but within a few days, he began to panic: "I felt like it was over, my fans may have already run away." 04 He once said, "I am afraid Used up all my luck because I was lucky." He often deliberately lowered his expectations, fearing that disappointment would be more painful. This can also be seen from the cautious stocking quantity during this rebroadcast. In the past high-speed running, he said in an interview that maybe the time to play can be put after the age of 40. And this year he is 30 years old, this time the suspension, I don't know if it will bring any changes. His once-fancy live broadcast background board has become a solid color, with the words "rational consumption, happy shopping". Maybe there is still a lot of uncertainty in the future, but it always makes people feel very kind to hear the familiar voice saying "Hello", "Attention to the girls" and "All girls". He is a phenomenon of an era, and many feelings have been pinned on him. It can be seen from the screen swiping of netizens that in this wave of welcome, many people may not necessarily need to buy things from him. Some people say that he has become a kind of "longing". What many audiences yearn for is the prosperous, lively and stable times behind him when he was in his prime. And Li Jiaqi's rebroadcast is a positive signal. Looking forward to his next company, I don't know what he will become when he is 40 years old, and what will we become. I also wish you and me, keep going, and have a bright future.


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