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Great learning, great discussion, great propaganda, great practice丨Welcome to the party's 20 excellent stage plays

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Great learning, great discussion, great propaganda, great practice丨Welcome to the party's 20 excellent stage plays

Organizer: Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Department of Culture and Tourism Ningxia Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. //All audiences entering Ningxia People's Theater must check the 48-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate, enter with the health code and itinerary code of the day, and cooperate with the on-site staff to scan the code to register , temperature measurement, safety inspection. To avoid on-site congestion, please arrive at the theater one hour earlier to avoid delays in viewing the show. Repertoire Introduction Qin Opera Traditional Opera "The Civet Cat for the Prince" Repertoire: Qin Opera Traditional Opera "Civus Cat for the Prince" Performance Venue: Ningxia People's Theater Grand Theater Performance time: October 9, 2022 14:00/19:30 It is adapted from folklore based on the reign of the emperors of Song Zhenzong and Song Renzong in the Northern Song Dynasty. Song Zhenzong was over half a hundred years old but had no children. One day, when he was visiting the garden with Liu and Li Erfei to enjoy the flowers, he was happy to hear that the second wife was pregnant at the same time, so he passed down the imperial edict that "Mr. Dragon is the queen". This caused Concubine Liu's battle for the throne, so he and Guo Huai planned a plan to replace the civet cat with the prince. When Concubine Li was giving birth, she asked You Po to exchange a civet cat with skin and tail for the prince, falsely claiming that Concubine Li gave birth to a demon fetus. In a fit of anger, Song Zhenzong sent Concubine Li into the cold palace. He also ordered Kou Zhu to throw the prince into the imperial river. Kou Zhu couldn't bear to hurt the prince, and was afraid of Concubine Liu. While hesitant, he met Chen Lin, who was ordered to go to the Tai Temple to enshrine the peaches. Chen Lin saw Kou Zhu's face full of tears and asked why. Knowing the truth, Chen Lin decided to save the little prince together with Kou Zhu and sent him to the Lotus Nunnery in the West of Beijing. Concubine Liu gave birth to a daughter, but she was unwilling that the queen's dream was shattered, and she ruthlessly strangled her own daughter. Kou Zhu used a clever trick to exchange a fake phoenix for a real dragon and brought the prince back to the palace. Time flies, twelve years in the blink of an eye. Chen Lin led the prince into the cold palace to visit Concubine Li, which caused Concubine Liu's suspicion of the identity of the prince, and ordered Chen Lin to torture Kou Zhu. Chen Lin was imprisoned by Guo Huai, and Huo Fen Leng Palace was thrown into the Heavenly Prison, and Qin Feng died for Concubine Li. Concubine Li escaped from the palace and went to Zhaozhou Bridge, Fugou County, where she was rescued by Fan Zhonghua and brought home to raise her for eight years. Zhao Zhen ascended the throne, widely practiced benevolent government, and offered amnesty to the world. Kou Zhun took the opportunity to propose a retrial of the palace burning case. Bao Zheng was ordered to investigate the case, which led to the case of the civet cat changing the prince. He was not afraid of power and enforced the law impartially. He found Concubine Li and convicted Concubine Liu and Guo Huai. At this point, the truth of the civet cat changing to the prince is revealed, and Concubine Li, who has been wronged for 20 years, has finally settled her injustice. Peking Opera "Flowers in a Bowl of Spring" Repertoire: Peking Opera "Flowers in a Bowl of Spring" Venue: Ningxia People's Theater Grand Theater Performance time: 19:30 on October 12, 2022 The protagonist of the play, Yulan, is named after Yanchi County, Ningxia Created by Bai Chunlan, a model for treating sand, for the character prototype. Among them, a flower with unique Ningxia characteristics "cutting leeks" runs through it, and a song of love and stalemate pursuit of life ideals is released. "Yiwanquan" is a hard-hit area of ​​desertification. In order to change the extreme poverty caused by desertification, Yulan, a gentle and virtuous woman, went to the sandy land with her husband Wangquan on the third day of their wedding. She did not want to be in the sandstorm. Yulan, who was pregnant, was almost buried by the yellow sand, and the hard work of a year was also wiped clean by the yellow sand, and the villagers who followed also left one after another. Faced with setbacks, Wangquan conceded defeat and went home, but Yulan inspired Wangquan to get out of the downturn and return to the sand. A few years later, the sand finally looked forward to flowers, plants and saplings, but Wangquan unfortunately died of cancer. In the face of the disasters that followed, and the longing of the people of Yiwanquan for several lifetimes, Yulan sang flowers, took her son Panwa's hand, and together with the villagers, sent out "Pess it! Like sand dates" The tree is stomping like that!" shouted, exaggerating the spirit of "the person who is not buried in the sand". Finally, a bowl of spring that is almost unsuitable for survival, the spring water flows, puts on green clothes, and the sound of flowers diffuses through the sand, realizing the beautiful vision of "green water and lush mountains are invaluable assets". Symphonic Poetry and Painting "The Yellow River is Always Hometown" Repertoire: Symphonic Poetry and Painting "The Yellow River is Always Hometown" Venue: Ningxia People's Theater Grand Theater Introduction Ningxia Performing Arts Group Song and Dance Theater Symphony Orchestra (formerly known as Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Song and Dance Ensemble Orchestra) was established in 1958. Since its establishment, the orchestra has rehearsed many classic works at home and abroad with a rigorous work style, and dedicated a platform to the audience. The wonderful music feast has made outstanding contributions to the symphony career in Ningxia and even the whole country. It has participated in activities such as the Northwest Music Festival and the Western Symphony Music Week for many times, and has been invited to perform in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Kunming, Urumqi, Hohhot and other places. Influence. In recent years, he has created and launched the symphonic suites "Golden Bank of the Yellow River", "Flowers of Hometown", and "Ningxia Music Poems". He has also performed large-scale symphony concerts such as "Flower Symphony Concert", "Silk Road Huayun Symphony Concert", "Yellow River Golden Bank Symphony Concert", "Animation Film Concert", "Music Journey Chamber Music Concert" , "Frozen Covenant Anime Special Concert", "Le Man Light and Shadow Film and Television Works Concert" and other special light concerts. At the beginning of 2012, Mr. Zhu Jiahe, a famous Chinese composer, was specially invited to perform the symphonic suite "Golden Bank of the Yellow River" tailored for Ningxia for the first time in Yinchuan, playing a harmonious and beautiful symphony movement for the earth. Then the orchestra went to Xining, Qinghai to participate in the "2nd Northwest Music Festival - West Sea Concert", and won 8 awards in total. The orchestra won the gold award for performance again. Among them, the symphony suite "Golden Bank of the Yellow River" won the first prize for the composition of this music festival. ;In 2017, the famous composer Mr. Cui Bingyuan was commissioned by the Ningxia Music Association to create the symphonic suite "Hua'er in Hometown" (Hua'er Six Chapters), which was awarded the 2017 National Art Fund-funded project. The troupe worked together to make "Ningxia Flowers" bloom brightly at the 4th Western China Symphony Week held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia and the 4th Northwest China Music Festival held in Yinchuan, Ningxia, and won the "Performance Gold Award" and "Best Composition Award" In December of the same year, it cooperated with Kunming Nie'er Symphony Orchestra to let "Erhai Lake Love Song" and "Ningxia Flowers" bloom on the same stage in Spring City; in 2019, the orchestra invited famous Chinese composers Han Lankui and Feng Jiyong to jointly create a large-scale symphonic suite "Ningxia". "Sound Poems", and went to Chengdu, Sichuan to participate in the "5th Western China Symphony Week", where the powerful Northwest Suite played in Rongcheng. Drama "Song of Migrants in Minning Town" Repertoire: Drama "Song of Migrants in Minning Town" Venue: Ningxia People's Theater Grand Theater Performance time: 19:30, October 17, 2022 Drama artist "Wang Zhihong is the screenwriter and director. Since the creation of the platoon, it has been invited by many provinces and cities to tour Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian and other regions successively, and has been well received by the audience. It was also selected as one of the "Top Ten Key Support Plays of the National Stage Art Quality Creation Support Project in 2017"; "The Opening Ceremony of the 2018 National Stage Art Excellent Play Exhibition"; Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the key support works of the "Century Hundreds" traditional high-quality re-arrangement plan for the stage art creation project. The play shows the historical project of ecological resettlement relocation in Ningxia, and tells the story of Kong Cong Cong, who has nowhere to live, and the decades-old "old enemies" Yu Uncle, Grandma Kong and other characters during the process of resettlement. It reflects the immigrant people's beautiful vision for a happy life. It also expressed the gratitude of the immigrant masses to the central and local party committees and governments for implementing the ecological immigration project. Ningxia People's Theater丨Source Peach丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge Website: Contribution: 0951—6720808

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