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Beautiful scenery of golden autumn, record the good times of Sumeru

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Beautiful scenery of golden autumn, record the good times of Sumeru

Golden Autumn, a season of infinite poetry from name to soul. In the golden autumn of Mount Sumeru, the air is slightly cool, the sky is high and the clouds are light, the fragrance of osmanthus is far away, and the character of wild goose is in the autumn. The red robes have fallen and the fragrance has been left behind, and the autumn light and white dew on the leaves are cold. If you happen to like photography, don't hesitate to go! Bring your camera and tripod, I'm sure you won't be disappointed here. On an ordinary afternoon, I came here to stop for a while. Looking up, the sky is blue and the leaves are yellowing. When the wind blows, the rustling falls, like a yellowed oil painting. Look at the fallen leaves, the sea of ​​clouds surging, and feel the tranquility of life in the breeze. Set off against the morning sun, nostalgic on the sunset, and have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Mount Sumeru, in order to truly reap the deep meaning of life. Find some free time and go to Mount Sumeru for a relaxing weekend! Recommended Routes✦ (1) Red tourist line: Guyuan City - Liupanshan Red Army Long March Scenic Spot - Delong Old Alley - Jiangtaibao Red Army Long March Reunion Memorial Park (2) Eco-tourism line: Guyuan City - Liupanshan National Forest Park - Wild Lotus Valley Scenic Spot (3) Silk Road Quest + Danxia Wonders: Guyuan City - Xumi Mountain Tourist Area Guyuan Cultural Tourism丨Source Peach丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge URL: : 0951—6720808

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