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24 hours on call at any time, 900+ hours of continuous anti-epidemic, Tibetan tourists deserve our thanks and respect!

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24 hours on call at any time, 900+ hours of continuous anti-epidemic, Tibetan tourists deserve our thanks and respect!

Romantic Tibetan midsummer The sudden outbreak of the epidemic caused the city to press the pause button, and the tourism suddenly turned to the new crown "difficulty". Even excited... Tuyuan/Shannan Tourism Bureau, but Tibetan tourists are united, working together day and night, on the front line and behind the scenes, to comfort, warm-hearted service, and orderly send off the "epidemic" road to protect the stranded tourists. Working together, caring and caring for customers. On their way home, they have multiple roles, one person and multiple posts. Wherever tourists appeal and work deployment, there are Tibetan tourists. They are not on a whim, nor for honor, but willing to do it. , in dedication, in light

24-hour hotline waiting, unblocking tourists' various appeals and information sharing channels, the first time Emotional reassurance and appeal handling of tourists

From the initial opening of the nucleic acid quick inspection channel for tourists, comprehensively investigating the situation of stranded tourists in the jurisdiction, to actively carrying out the "door-to-door service guarantee" action, and strengthening the collection and disposal of information on tourists' emergency security needs . Photo Source/District Tourism Development Department The Autonomous Region Tourism Development Department has formulated a series of policies and measures to clarify the standards and service measures for tourists to leave Tibet, and establish a 24-hour consultation service liaison mechanism. Organize and mobilize tour guides, travel agencies and other forces to participate, and actively coordinate the civil aviation and railway departments. Photo Source / Comrade Duoji Cizhu of the District Tourism and Development Office led a team to the Cultural and Creative Park and the Mid-level Resort Hotel to condolences to the stranded tourists and donated epidemic prevention materials to the stranded tourists. As of September 15, the number of stranded tourists has dropped from the initial 90,000 to the current 2038 people. The Tourism and Development Office of the Autonomous Region has gone behind the scenes in the epidemic prevention and control positions, day and night. These cadres and party members who are connected with each other, guarantee the service of tourists and other groups of people and the epidemic prevention and control work of the tourism system. They are obscure and resolute. Tuyuan/The Tourism Service Special Group of the Tourism Development Department of the District studied and formulated the "Measures for Effectively Doing a Good Job in Service Guarantee for Persons Detained in Tibet" overnight. Switch identities anytime, anywhere based on critical emergencies. Almost every day, everyone works all night and keeps on the phone. In case of emergency, they are busy all night. But everyone is still in good spirits! Full of energy! They are doing their best to keep everyone safe in isolation and home safely! Tuyuan/District Tourism and Development Hall They persevered and worked hard to silently do various tasks. They just tried to use their weak strength to illuminate more people and warm more tourists. Tuyuan/District Tourism and Development Hall to watch the video content, please Click the link below

99 key tourists were transferred to low-risk hotels, and tourists recorded the beauty of Lhasa and the heart-warming scene of Lhasa with video

Photo source/Lhasa released 66-year-old Mr. Qian and his wife are the key tourists to be transported this time. After the couple retired, they had been planning to visit Tibet and drove from Yunnan to Lhasa in early August. The epidemic broke their travel plans, but during a hotel quarantine in the Xiongga community, Mr. Qian, who loves photography, recorded a warm little thing. Photo source/Lhasa release "On the way I said, I have been in Lhasa for more than a month. I have seen Lhasa during the day, but I have no chance to see Lhasa and the Potala Palace at night. Therefore, during the transfer process, the driver girl When we passed the Potala Palace, the drive was very slow, and we took a very stunning night scene with our mobile phone, which really fulfilled our dream." Photo Source/Lhasa Posted on the evening of September 13, Lhasa Tourism Development Bureau On the basis of the previous survey, United Community transferred 99 key tourists who were stranded in high-risk areas in the city to low-risk hotels for centralized isolation. At the moment when the transfer car started, the three tourists waved to the "big whites" who were on duty at the gate of the community, and kept saying "Thank you for your hard work". Photo Source/Lhasa released that the key tourists for this transfer mainly include the elderly over 60 years old, children under 14 years old, and people with basic diseases such as hypertension and heart disease. The oldest is 78 years old and the youngest is 5 years old. As of 0:30 on September 14, the transfer of 99 key tourists has been completed. Photo source/Lhasa released Lhasa Tourism Development Bureau staff member Solang Dorje: "After staying in a low-risk hotel for 7 days, we will organize staff to do nucleic acid testing. After the result is negative, let the tourists return to their hometowns one by one."

2100 kilometers, Ali Tourism Development Bureau chartered cars to escort stranded tourists back home! This is the sincerity of Tibetan tourists!

Photo source/Photographer of Tibet Daily/Jigme Wangju Ali Regional Tourism Development Bureau and Qinghai Tanggula Town Epidemic Prevention Staff to discuss accommodation arrangements for tourists "Our retired elderly cycling team challenged the plateau, was trapped by the epidemic and was affected by Tibet. The care and love of the party committee and government of the autonomous region cannot express our gratitude in words! In the days to come, we will publicize this unforgettable itinerary to cyclists across the country, so that people will always remember our party and our The government cares about all the efforts made by a group of ordinary people during the crisis of the epidemic." On September 8, Jimei Wangjiu, director of the Ali Regional Tourism Development Bureau, received such a message of thanks on his way back to Ali from Golmud. Photo Source/Tibet Daily Photographer/Jinmei Wangjiu escorted the tourists and provided them with light meals and hot water at the epidemic prevention checkpoints on the way Departing from Xinjiang in June and arriving in Ali in early August. Originally planned to complete the 10,000-kilometer ride across the Xinzang section of National Highway 219, but was stranded in Shiquanhe Town, Ali, due to the sudden outbreak. During the stay, leaders at all levels in the Ali area and the staff of relevant departments visited the hotel for many times. At the same time, they also actively coordinated with the Qinghai and Gansu epidemic prevention headquarters, and opened up a green channel in time to smoothly guide tourists to Lanzhou. Photo source/Tibet Daily photographer/Jinmei Wangjiu cycling tourists rested at the Amdo County Racecourse After a 4-day transfer and a 2,100-kilometer journey, on September 7, the Ali Regional Tourism Development Bureau escorted 32 stranded tourists. Arrived smoothly in Golmud City, Qinghai Province. It is reported that these tourists have been transferred to Lanzhou City. After 7 days of quarantine, the tourists will each set foot on their way home. To watch the video content, please click the link below. Photo source/Photographer of Tibet Daily/Jigmei Wangju Ali District Tourism Development Bureau and Qinghai Tanggula Town Epidemic Prevention Staff to discuss accommodation arrangements for tourists

Efficient coordination, working day and night, go all out for the safe and orderly return of tourists to win the "guerrilla war" of leaving Tibet service one by one

Photo source/Tan Tan, Director of the Tourism Development Bureau of Linzhi City Yong was interviewed by the media on the departure of the first batch of tourists who were released from control. In this epidemic war "epidemic", tourists from Linzhi City Tourism Development Bureau turned into Dabai, no matter day or night, they bravely marched on the "epidemic" line. The Linzhi Tourism Development Bureau coordinated the main passing checkpoints in the counties (districts), and set up 15 front service points for tourists in Lilin. Photo source / Duan Ganghui, deputy mayor of the Municipal Government of Linzhi City Tourism Development Bureau, went to the self-driving camp to condolence to the stranded tourists and inquired about their needs, and coordinated with relevant departments to solve the problem. Food, water, masks, medicines and other materials and other supporting services such as epidemic policies, vehicle information, hotel check-in consultation, etc. A total of more than 2,000 tourists have been condoled, and the service work has been put forward, and the tourists have been put in the heart. Photo source/Tan Yong, director of the Linzhi Tourism Development Bureau, went to the self-driving camp to express condolences to the stranded tourists. The volunteers of the Linzhi Tourism Development Bureau assisted the community and hotels in the distribution of epidemic prevention materials, maintenance of nucleic acid testing on-site order, and disinfection in public areas. Epidemic prevention policy publicity, etc. They deserve our thanks! Photo source / Linzhi City Tourism Development Bureau has set up front service stations in various counties and districts to understand the life of self-driving tourists. Nowadays, cities have gradually restored the "fireworks" of the past, which is indispensable for the efficient coordination and flexible scheduling of tourists from various cities. Of course, We are also very grateful for the understanding and cooperation of the stranded tourists. After all, everyone’s purpose is to control the epidemic and prevent the spread of the virus. Many tourists who were really stranded during this period of time have shared their true feelings after being stranded. For more video content, please click the link below for Shigatse City The Tourism Bureau is united, and the stranded tourists write down paragraphs of words, every word is tearful. "Link" is the heartfelt words of the stranded tourists. The story behind it is tearful. "Link" has no complaints or anxiety. What they said is: here, eat well and sleep well Well done, I don't want to go back~Editor: Wang Jian Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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