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How do patients in different risk areas in Lhasa seek medical care? Here comes the answer

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How do patients in different risk areas in Lhasa seek medical care? Here comes the answer

On September 21, the Information Office of the Lhasa Municipal Government held the fifteenth press conference on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Lhasa. At the meeting, Wang Hongbing, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of the Lhasa People's Hospital, discussed the different risks that citizens are concerned about. A brief introduction will be made on how the patients in the region seek medical treatment, how patients who have recovered from the new crown go to the hospital, and how the normalized epidemic prevention and control work will be carried out in the future. Under the current state, people in low-risk areas: take the initiative to report to the community before seeing a doctor, go to the nearest medical institution for treatment, actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures, take personal protection throughout the process, and avoid public transportation. Personnel in risk areas: Patients involved in centralized isolation, home isolation, health monitoring, and high-risk areas (including those seeking medical treatment with red/yellow codes), according to the "Urgent Notice on Further Improving Normal Medical Services During the Epidemic" issued by the Autonomous Region Health Commission and the requirements of the "Lhasa New Crown Medical Treatment Treatment and Transfer Process", for patients with general symptoms, the community medical team and on-site medical staff will give symptomatic treatment, closely observe the changes in the condition, and make timely referrals if necessary; For critically ill patients, a transfer vehicle will be arranged by the community or isolation point for transfer and referral, and they will be sent to the Red Code Hospital (Duilong Deqing District People's Hospital, Fukang Maternity and Children's Hospital) or general hospital fever clinic (Autonomous Region People's Hospital, Tibetan Hospital, Lhasa City People's Hospital) ) to see a doctor, and the whole process is closed-loop management. In the normalization of epidemic prevention and control in the future, the hospital will further refine the three-level pre-examination and triage system, and check the health code, itinerary code, body temperature and nucleic acid test results within 24 hours for the admitted patients, among which the home isolation observation will be lifted. The number of people who have been discharged from the hospital or the cabin will go to the doctor with the discharge/exit certificate, and no longer check the negative nucleic acid certificate, optimize the patient treatment process, and open the green channel for the treatment of critically ill patients, especially the chest pain center, stroke center, trauma treatment center, and maternal risk. The medical treatment of the "five centers" of the intensive care center and the neonatal critical care center; publicize the contents of the medical treatment instructions through various media platforms, and make emergency plans for emergencies in the hospital; play the role of the sentinel of the fever clinic, and do a good job in the monitoring of the new crown pneumonia epidemic Early warning, timely detection of epidemic situation, and treatment of epidemic situation. Source: Tibet Daily Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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