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National Day and autumn viewing are not crowded! Drive through 7 wall-hung roads + 1 water-hung wall to enjoy natural wonders

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National Day and autumn viewing are not crowded! Drive through 7 wall-hung roads + 1 water-hung wall to enjoy natural wonders

The National Day holiday is coming, and Taihang Mountain is about to enter the most beautiful time of the year. Therefore, we have also customized the Taihang Mountain National Day holiday route for everyone. There is also the thrilling experience of self-driving on cliffs and walls, which makes the old drivers overwhelmed by self-driving addiction! Taihang Mountain stretches from north to south for 800 miles. In the southernmost part of Jincheng, Shanxi, and Xinxiang, Henan, there are steep cliffs with large drops. On these steep cliffs, winding mountain roads cannot be built. The villagers who have lived in the mountains for a long time, in order to get out of the mountains, according to local conditions, have created the wonder of the earth, the wall-hung highway. It is also the only concentration of wall-hung roads in China and rare in the world. There are currently 10 wall-mounted highways in Taihang Mountain. From north to south, they are: Xijingshan wall-mounted highway, Hongtiguan wall-mounted highway, and well-bottom tunnel in Pingshun County, Shanxi; Chenjiayuan Waterfall in Lingchuan County, Shanxi Promenade, Kunshan Tunnel, Xiya Hanging Road; Qiwangzhai Hanging Road, Guoliang Cliff Promenade, Shangla River Hanging Road, Huilong Tunnel in Huixian City, Henan. Go's exclusive way to drive seven land-hung highways. The wall-hung highway in the South Taihang Mountains is built on the edge of cliffs, in stones, and has windows, and is known as the "Nine Wonders of the World"! It has become the wish of the majority of riders to drive through the wall-mounted highway in Nantaihang! Becoming a "crossover warrior" is the dream of many riders! Guoliang Hanging Wall Highway Taihang Pearl and Cliff Ballet are located in Guoliang Village, Shayao Township, Huixian City, Henan Province. Guo Liang's wall-hung road was discovered by the outside world in 1976. The Guoliang Wall-hanging Highway is called "the ninth wonder of the world", and it is also known as the "father of the Taihang Tunnel" because of its early construction. The most “SHOW” wall-hanging road in Qiwangzhai is 600 meters long. It combines the red rocks and handsomeness of Guo Liang’s wall-hanging road, the narrowness and steepness of Kunshan's wall-hanging road, and the primitive and hideous Hongti-hanging wall. Features all in one. The Shangla River Hanging Wall Highway is hidden in the boudoir, and it is amazing to the world. It is located in Shanglajiang Village, Nanzhai Town, Huixian City, Henan Province. After crossing the Shangla River Hanging Wall Highway, you arrive at Shanglajiang Village. This village is a primitive ecology, basically different from the world Isolation, known as "Xanadu". The road on the wall of the Shangla River is narrow, and it is connected to the Taihang Sichuan-Tibet 318, which is about 26 kilometers long. It is high above and full of scenery, and it has become the only way for friends who drive outdoors to "practice courage". Huilong Hangbi Highway Taihang Monument, Huilong Spirit is located in Huilong Village, Shangbali Town, Huixian City, Henan Province. Carved walled road. What's even more amazing is that the tunnel turned into an "S" shape in the belly of the mountain, more than a thousand meters long, and just climbed to the ridge on the other side of the mountain. The Hongtiguan Wall-hanging Highway is located in Tihou Village, Hongtiguan Township, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province. Hongtiguan is located on the ancient business road in Hongtiguan Township, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province. The wall-hanging road has cut 5 caves on the cliff of Taihang, and the gap between the top hole and the bottom hole is about 200 meters. Xijing Mountain Wall-Hanging Highway is a fairyland on earth. Jiuquhuan is located in Xijingshan Village, Hongtiguan Township, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province. Xijing Mountain is known as the "Wonderland on Earth". You can come here to enjoy the four seasons beautiful scenery of "Blossoming Mountain Flowers in Spring", "Hazy Rain in Summer", "Red Leaves in Autumn" and "Snow Peaks and Ice in Winter". The wall-hanging road at the bottom of the well enters the cloud, and the legend of Baiyun is located in Jingdi Village, Dongsitou Township, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province. The wall-mounted road at the bottom of the well is nearly 100 meters away from the top of the mountain and the bottom of the ditch, which is equivalent to the height of 30-story buildings in the city. On the way, looking out from the entrance of the cave, it is like being in a majestic Chinese landscape painting, which is shocking and open-minded. Five traditional ancient villages, Guoliang Village, is a village "hanging" on a cliff deep in the Taihang Mountains. Because of Guoliangdong, the steep and shocking wall-hanging road to enter the village, it became famous in the self-driving circle. Qiwangzhai passes through the Qiwangzhai wall-hanging road, passes through Xiupu Cave, and enters the red rock cliff canyon of nearly 1,000 meters, and then arrives at Qiwangzhai. Mountain turns wall. Hongni Village Hongni Village, an ancient village on a cliff, the Hongni Waterfall is flying down, imposing, and its sound shakes the world. Jingdi Village Jingdi Village is named because it is surrounded by cliffs, shaped like a well, and the village is located at the bottom of its valley. Its terrain is not very ventilated, it is foggy outside the mountain, clear sky outside the mountain, white clouds in the ditch. When the mountain rain is about to come, the caves and mountain crevices are full of fog, and the smoke gathers between the cliffs to form a long cloud belt, which casts a veil on the strange mountains and beautiful waters. Fenghuang Ancient Village Fenghuang Ancient Village has such folk songs in the local area: stone stairs, stone buildings, stone houses, stone floors, stone pillars, stone walls, stone streets, stone courtyards, stone fields, stone mills, stone mills, stone mortars, stone basins , Stone water tank, stone table, stone bench, stone pot platform, stone temple, stone furnace, stone statue... Self-driving Taihang Tianlu is a cloud road on the top of the mountain - Taihang Tianlu lies on the top of the mountain, lingering with landscapes, trees and white clouds Endless... 45 kilometers in length and 189 turns. Feng Jicai, a famous literary master, came to Pingshun for a trip. When he walked on the Taihang Heavenly Road, he sighed: "The Taihang Mountains in Pingshun are really beautiful. Walking on the Taihang Heavenly Road to appreciate the beauty of the Taihang Mountains, Pingshun is a treasure." Huahu Highway - a legend of flying over Taihang's tourist corridor - Taihang No. 1 Road Taihang No. 1 Road is located in the Xiangmu River Natural Scenic Spot in Hui County, Henan Province. At an altitude of 1000 meters, the straight-line distance from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain is about 300 meters, the vertical height is about 200 meters, and the slope with a slope of about 60° is built in an S-shape along the mountain, winding up, the whole journey is about 3000 meters, there are "male" , strange, dangerous, steep" shape. . Go up to the top and arrive at Fenghuang Ancient Village. It has a long history, stone dwellings, and primitive simplicity. It is the last original ecological health preservation habitat in northern Henan. It is connected to Taihang Sichuan-Tibet Highway 318, and you can reach Shangla River if you continue driving. On the first road of Taihang, feel the traveling symphony of the roaring engine, and accept the driving pleasure of wild and beautiful temptation! A video of Hongqi Canal Youth Cave (5A Scenic Spot) with a wall hanging on the water is loading... Watch an original music and dance epic performance "Approaching the Red Flag Canal" to watch the natural wonder Tianhe Waterfall, Taihang version of Yangpi Cave, Guizhou, which is very popular with vibrato this year Sheepskin Cave, our Xinxiang South Taihang Baligou also has it! The waterfall falls from the sky, and the mist is soaring and refreshing. Visit Baligou, Baligou Shuilian Cave (5A Scenic Spot), which is a beautiful place in the world. Below the waterfall, there is an arc-shaped cave, and the waterfall water just hit the cave and gurgled down the stones. Detailed itinerary▼D1: All over the country to Xinxiang Huixian to report D2: Huixian - Baligou - Huilong hanging wall D3: Huilong - Shangla River hanging wall - Taihang 318 - Phoenix Ancient Village - Taihang First Road - Qiwang Village Hanging on the Wall—Guo Liang Hanging on the Wall D4: Guoliang Village—Tiansheng Bridge—Huahu Highway—Hanging Wall Observation Deck at the Bottom of the Well—Hanging the Wall at the Bottom of the Well 》D6: Linzhou - Xijing Mountain Hanging Wall - Taihang Tianlu - Hongtiguan Hanging Wall - Hongni Village [Walking through the South Taihang Hanging Wall] There is only one National Day holiday to sign up for South Taihang Epidemic prevention and control: the place of residence is low Risk, green code + 48h nucleic acid certificate can go, 2 inspections 3 days after landing, and another nucleic acid test on the 7th day. Time: October 1-October 6, 2022 (6 days, 5 nights) Deadline for registration: Deadline for registration before 18:00 on September 29 Highlights of the event: 1. Take the wall hanging, of course, drink [hanging the wall] liquor! Each person will be presented with a bottle of [Hanging Sauce Wine] worth 1199. 2. Cross seven South Taihang Hanging Roads, and those who successfully cross will be awarded a "Hanging Certificate".

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