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If two local friends from Guizhou and Sichuan invited you to drink at the same time, who would you go with?

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If two local friends from Guizhou and Sichuan invited you to drink at the same time, who would you go with?

The world is in a panic, just for the sake of a few taels of silver, but it is the few taels of silver that can solve the world's melancholy. It is not easy to work hard in society. Faced with all kinds of toil and rush in life, people forget themselves and are reluctant to take a little time to give themselves a holiday. However, people are social animals, and if they do not communicate often, they will become estranged and disconnected from society. . So, no matter how busy you are, you have to get together with those close friends who used to talk about wine and sing about wine together. Then, if two friends from Guizhou and Sichuan invite you to drink at the same time, and all consumption is It's the other party who bought it. Who would you agree to drink with? Faced with such a rare opportunity, did you hesitate in front of the screen? Anyway, I was hesitant, but after all, it is drinking, in order to feel the local customs and customs, it is better to talk about it with you today.

Sichuan-Drinking "Fighting Landlords"

Sichuan is not only good at brewing, but also famous for its famous wines. So bold and carefree, but they also have a set for drinking. Sichuan people usually say: "Take two bottles of wine to sprinkle first", but after a wine game, such "two bottles" do not know to be superimposed. how many times. Sichuan friends have a strong sense of host, no matter where you come from, as long as you come to Sichuan, we are good friends, and we must treat you well. At this time, if you accidentally exposed your amazing alcohol intake, then congratulations, tonight's "landlord" is you. Although the wine glasses of Sichuanese are small, the owner will toast three glasses at the wine table first, and the others will toast each one. While toasting, they say some "heartfelt words". Sichuan is full of famous wines, and guests have to watch Quanxing Daqu arrive in the hometown of Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao. In addition to caring about the rules on the wine table, the most important thing is the fine wine on the wine table. In fact, whether it is self-drinking or When entertaining guests, Sichuan people often drink Quanxing Daqu. Quanxing Daqu is one of the old eight famous wines and one of the six golden flowers in Sichuan. Although its reputation is not as good as before, it still has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of Sichuan wine lovers. Don't look at Quanxing Daqu as a "light bottle wine". At first glance, the bottle packaging is nothing special, but it is this clean and simple packaging that attracts the attention of many wine lovers. The more you look at it, the more attractive it is. The aroma smells very comfortable and elegant, with a fine smell of cellar and koji. At the entrance, it has an obvious strong fragrance, continuous and mellow, and a clear old fragrance. The aftertaste is clean and there is no miscellaneous smell. This is one of the reasons why local drinkers in Sichuan like it.

Guizhou follows "Zuan Zhuan Jiu"

Kweichow Maotai Town is the holy land of sauce and wine in my country, the capital of famous wine, and Maotai Town is home to There are 3,000 wineries big and small, and the fragrance of wine is everywhere. Guizhou people can not only make wine, but also drink. For them, there is no need for a reason to drink. If you have money, you have to drink two sips. Anyway, you have to drink two sips when you encounter something happy. In addition to being able to drink, Guizhou people have unusual wine table rules. Among them, "Zuan Zhuan Liquor" is the most worth mentioning. This "Zuan Zhuan" is divided into two types. One is that everyone sits in a circle and puts a bottle on the table. The wine is passed down and drunk in one direction; the other is in the same stockade, with families as units, taking turns to treat guests. Guizhou sauce wine is the most famous. Drinking it has to be the "holy land of sauce wine" in my country. Of course, you must drink sauce wine. With the rise of "sauce wine craze" in recent years, a batch of high-quality niche sauce wine has also been brought It is on fire, so many sauce wineries have raised their prices, but fortunately, the local people often drink the predestined imitation Taiwanese wine and still stick to their original intention of making wine, and still set the price at around 100 yuan, maintaining a price that is close to the people. Yuande imitation Taiwan wine is called "a thousand yuan Moutai, a hundred yuan Yuande" by the majority of drinkers. Its taste is close to 95% of Feitian Moutai, but the price is only one-third of Moutai, and it uses the same brewing materials as Moutai. And craftsmanship, the same red glutinous sorghum, the same Daqu Kunsha craftsmanship, a one-year production cycle, and a pottery altar cellar for 7 to 15 years, so that the harmful substances in the wine body can be completely volatilized, and the wine is more Chen Xiang and Laoshu. As soon as I unscrewed the cap of the bottle that resembled Taiwanese wine, a strong aroma of sauce filled the whole room. I could smell the aroma of flowers, fruits and grains. I couldn't help but take a sip. The wine was like A warm current flows into the throat, not irritating or spicy, mellow and delicate, soft and smooth, very comfortable, and I feel that every bite is a pleasure for the taste buds. Well, after seeing this in the article, do you have an answer in your heart? If it was you, who would you go with? Comments are welcome. Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!


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