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10 most beautiful places to enjoy autumn in the eyes of photographers, have you checked in?

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10 most beautiful places to enjoy autumn in the eyes of photographers, have you checked in?

The Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, an autumn rain, a cold, the most intense autumn has arrived. Follow the editor's pace and go to these 10 places to see the brightest autumn in the eyes of photographers. 1. The first fantasy of the Populus euphratica in Ejin Banner in autumn must be the warm and spectacular Populus euphratica. Ejina is located in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia. In this magical land, in addition to the endless Gobi and the desolate and magnificent desert, there is also a Populus euphratica forest known as a "living fossil". Every autumn, the Populus euphratica forest here is earth-shatteringly beautiful. It is called the most beautiful autumn color in China. Legend has it that Populus euphratica lives for a thousand years and does not die, dies for a thousand years and does not fall, and is immortal for a thousand years. Such a magical Populus euphratica forest is only beautiful for more than 20 days a year. The leaves are not yet yellow when the time is early, and the wind blows when it is late. Fall, go at the right time, you can see the golden color all over the place, if you miss it, you have to wait another year. Best viewing time: late September to mid-October Second, Kanas in Xinjiang is brilliant in autumn, surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains, colorful forests are reflected in the light blue lake, the setting sun shines through the golden The leaves are scattered with mottled light and shadow, and the autumn in Kanas is breathtakingly beautiful. Kanas Lake is full of blue water, like a sapphire inlaid in the mountains and mountains, like a landscape painting that changes color, or take a cruise on the lake, or walk along the corridor, you will sigh that this scene should only be found in the sky. The magical three bays of Kanas have made the classics of the essence of autumn colors in Kanas. Moon Bay, Wolong Bay, Shenxian Bay, surrounded by clouds and mists, among the mountains, rivers, light and shadows, a piece of colorful oil painting has slowly unfolded before your eyes. In the early morning of Hemu Village, the morning light shines on the golden birch forest and Siberian pine forest. When the smoke rises, the small village is beautiful and shocking. Best viewing time: early September to early October 3rd. Daocheng Yading Daocheng Yading is located in Ganzi, Sichuan. It is one of the most complete and primitive alpine natural ecosystems in China. There are shocking and beautiful snow-capped mountains here. It is another photography mecca in China, known as "the last Shangri-La". Autumn is the most beautiful season in Aden. There are the purest blue sky and white clouds. The colorful forests are reflected in the blue lake. The snow-capped mountains, colorful forests and lakes complement each other. To have such a view makes people feel so peaceful and peaceful. Best viewing time: late September to late October 4. Benxi Maple Leaf There are many places to see red leaves in China, but to say the beauty of maple leaves, it belongs to Benxi, Liaoning Province. This is the only maple leaf capital of China named by the Ministry of Forestry. Compared with the famous red leaves of Fragrant Hills in Beijing, the maple leaves here are larger and more numerous. Some people say that the maple leaves in Benxi are not worse than those in Japan and Canada. Every year after the end of September, as the temperature drops sharply, the maple leaves in the valleys here will turn red overnight, spreading all over the mountains and fields, complementing the green trees and golden leaves, a kind of forest is dyed and beautiful. You can enjoy the maple leaves in Benxi without entering the mountains. There are large maple leaf forests on both sides of the road from Benxi to Huanren, which is called China Maple Leaf Road. Best viewing time: late September to mid-October 5. Bashang Grassland Bashang Grassland generally refers to the southernmost area of ​​the Inner Mongolia Plateau, among which the autumn scenery of Mulan paddock and Ulanbutong is the most beautiful. There are both rolling hills and open plains, with forest and grassland scenery. In the past, it was the place where the emperors of the Qing Dynasty held the Mulan Autumn Festival, and now it is a famous photography destination in China. From mid-September every year, the Bashang grassland enters the best viewing time. The red pine, spruce and white birch all over the mountains and fields enter the most gorgeous period of the year. The leaves of various trees are golden, fiery red, and some are still green. , it can be said that the colors are colorful and the layers of forest are dyed, like a palette that God overturned. There is a strong Mongolian style here, the blue sky, the vast grassland, and the leisurely grazing cattle and sheep constitute a quiet and warm picture. If you miss the midsummer of the grassland, then you must see the golden autumn of the grassland. ! Best viewing time: mid-September-early October 6th, Danba Tibetan Village If you want to enjoy the quaint Tibetan style, you don’t have to go to Tibet. In western Sichuan, there is a beautiful pastoral scenery, this is Danba Tibetan Village, in the Chinese beauty pageant hosted by China National Geographic, Danba Tibetan Village was rated as the first of the six most beautiful ancient rural towns in China. Danba Tibetan Village is like a paradise. Every autumn, the mountains are full of colorful forests, golden poplars and fiery red pear leaves, everywhere. , the curling smoke rises, cattle and sheep graze leisurely, surrounded by snow-capped mountains towering majestically, Danba, with its stunning beauty, is called "the place where people and gods yearn". There are not only natural beauties such as snow-capped mountains, grasslands, Haizi, and hot springs, but also unique cultural landscapes such as Tibetan villages, watchtowers, and Lama Temples. Staying for a few days can make you forget the turbulence of the world and spend a few days carefree, Leisure and peaceful time, best viewing time: mid-October to early November. Seventh, Inner Mongolia Aershan Aershan is located in Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia. It is a small town hidden in the hinterland of the Greater Xing'an Mountains. Known as the Chinese version of "Little Switzerland". The scenery here is rich. Except for the ocean and desert, it has all the scenery that can be seen on earth. Canyons, forests, grasslands, wetlands, volcanoes, rivers and hot springs are national 5A scenic spots. The autumn here is romantic, beautiful, colorful and warm. . The autumn in Aershan is extremely beautiful. The sky is high and the clouds are clear. The meadows and trees are all golden. It is like a pleasing impressionist autumn landscape painting, which can satisfy all your imaginations about autumn. Aershan is as beautiful as heaven, but the extremely beautiful world is also short-lived. In September, Aershan slowly fades to its greenness. After an autumn rain, Aershan is like a god who knocked over the paint tray, and everywhere is colorful. Its autumn, be sure to choose its most beautiful time period. Best viewing time: Early September to mid-October. You may not have been here, but you must have seen the photos here. Huangling is located in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province. This is an ancient village with a history of hundreds of years. Hundreds of ancient Hui-style dwellings are built on the hillside with a 100-meter drop. Every autumn, the villagers here use the windowsills and roofs in front of and behind the houses to hang various crops, an ordinary life scene, which is captured by painters and photographers, and inadvertently creates a unique autumn sunbathing landscape, becoming the most beautiful autumn scenery. Chinese symbols. Best viewing time: late September to late October 9. Panjin Red Beach Panjin is located in the southwest of Liaoning Province. It is an ecological new city that is prosperous due to oil and famous for its rich river crab rice. The river crab here is a national geographical indication product. Rice Not only for state banquets and Olympic rice, but also common in large and small supermarkets around the country. The most attractive thing in Panjin is the red beach here, which is the iconic landscape of Liaoning tourism. Every year in the golden autumn, the long coastline is like a red ocean, majestic and magnificent, which is called the wonder of the world. Panjin is also a paradise for migratory birds. The wetlands here have been rated as "the most beautiful wetlands in China", and it is also a place where rare birds such as red-crowned cranes and black-billed gulls like to live. In November, the birds here will fly to the south. Best bird watching season. Best viewing time: mid-September to mid-October 10. Dongchuan Red Land is located in Kunming. The soil here contains a lot of iron and aluminum, which forms a dazzling color. In addition, local farmers farm at will. The various colors of crops, dark red, purple, brick red and other colors of land are woven into a colorful watercolor painting, which is called the most imposing red land in the world by geographers. The crops planted on the red soil here have different replanting periods every year. Different crops such as wheat, buckwheat, and potatoes divide the red soil into color blocks. From a distance, they look like paints painted by nature. , Against the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds, a colorful pastoral scenery is formed. Best viewing time: From late September to late November, welcome to pay attention to the monsoon in Muztagh, let us see the world together.

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