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Pay attention to adding clothes! Here's the weather for the rest of the week

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Pay attention to adding clothes! Here's the weather for the rest of the week

The rain and the cold air suddenly came. Who was wearing short sleeves yesterday and hurriedly pulled out a thin sweater today? The pictures are all from enthusiastic netizens. How do you say the weather today? The high pattern began yesterday (September 18). The first cold air has quietly "set off" today and tomorrow. The temperature in most parts of the north will drop to a low point. Today, the Hetao area of ​​Inner Mongolia, the northern part of Ningxia, the southern part of Shaanxi, the central and northern part of Shanxi and the western Sichuan Plateau According to the Ningxia Meteorological Observatory, scattered showers (0.1-0.9 mm) occurred in Guyuan City during the day on the 18th, and it is expected that there will be two cold waves in the next week. The air affects our area and the temperature has dropped. Screenshot source: China Weather Network from the daytime to the first half of the night on the 19th, there were northerly winds of magnitude 4 to 5 in the whole area, and gusts of magnitude 7 to 9 in some areas. Temperatures fluctuate as the rain falls. Today, the temperature dropped sharply compared to yesterday. In the next few days, although the high temperature seems acceptable, the low temperature dropped to 4℃ on the 22nd, and only 5℃ on the 23rd; The rest of the time is dominated by sunny and cloudy weather. A warm reminder that the weather is a bit unpredictable in the near future, which means that the daily weather forecast may be different. At the same time, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. It is recommended that everyone pay attention to the real-time forecast and make a dressing plan every day to prevent a cold. Contribution: 0951—6720808

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