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Different seasons are suitable for different cities

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Different seasons are suitable for different cities

Travel is a healing thing. Self-driving the 318 National Highway through the Hulunbuir prairie witnesses countless sunrises and sunsets. The most beautiful scenery can only be encountered at the right time. Start 2022, walk on the road and experience the beauty of travel. 1⃣️It is just right to go to Harbin in the month Catch up with the opening of the ice and snow world! Snowman, smog forest, splashing water into ice, here can satisfy all your fantasies about ice and snow fairy tales❄️Car rental point: Taiping Airport Store. 2⃣️Go to Sanya to avoid the cold wind in winter. At this time, Sanya is still as warm as spring, and you can go out to sea. Waves, enjoy the sun and the beach to the fullest ️Car Rental: Phoenix Airport Store. 3⃣️Month to Wuhan Cherry Blossoms bloom in early March every year, and the most prosperous in late March, don't miss the spring limited car rental location in Jiangcheng: Tianhe Airport Store.4⃣️ Going to Linzhi in the most beautiful world hidden in the snow-capped mountains in April, the snow and ice in Tibet have not melted yet, and the peach blossoms of Linzhi have quietly bloomed all over the mountains. , Strolling in Gulangyu, known as the Garden of the Sea, to spend the holiday car rental point for literary petty bourgeoisie: Gaoqi Airport T3, T4 stores. Go to Qingdao in June and wait for a natural sunny day, I want to take you to the seaside, have a seafood barbecue, Coupled with the ice-cold Tsingtao Beer car rental spot: Liuting Airport Store. The grand Naadam Conference in Inner Mongolia is going on in July. At this moment, the prairie is a vast car rental spot that can be used as a computer desktop: Dongshan Airport Store. 8⃣️ Go to Zhangjiajie to get "Avatar" with the same style, the magical sandstone peaks and forests and karst landscape make people can't help but sigh at the magic of nature 318 National Road, listen to Tashi Delek with your own ears, and feel the purest and sincere blessings of the Tibetan people. Pass your ear, behind you is the beach car rental spot dyed red by the sunset: Beihai Airport is convenient. 1⃣️1⃣️The summer lovers in Xishuangbanna can feel the tropical style in late autumn. Wearing Dai costumes and shuttle in the Starry Night Market, taking pictures is really amazing Car rental point: Gasa Airport Store. Going to Jilin in the month of 1⃣️2⃣️ Whether it is speeding on the snowy road, or falling all over the place, skiing is the correct way to open in winter. Car rental point: Jilin High-speed Railway Station


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