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Another country goes bankrupt under the epidemic! It used to be the most worthwhile tourist destination, but now it has become a purgatory on earth

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Another country goes bankrupt under the epidemic! It used to be the most worthwhile tourist destination, but now it has become a purgatory on earth

#我在Headers engaged in creating the second issue# The once prosperous country has become the hell it is today. It's really sad! 2/3 of the year 2022 has passed before we know it. For more than half a year, we seem to be witnessing history every day. All kinds of news came to us one after another. Recently, a piece of news caught the attention of riding a donkey: under the epidemic, the economy of Lebanon, a small and rich country, collapsed! Three years into hell on earth: the government went bankrupt, the country was without power and food, and 1/3 of the people could not get enough to eat! Many people may not know that Lebanon is experiencing the most serious economic crisis since the founding of the country. The 18-month economic crisis has triggered protests by the Lebanese people. Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon told the outside world that "the Central Bank of Lebanon has declared bankruptcy along with the country." In the face of the bad situation in the country, the Lebanese government just announced the resignation of all members on the spot, throwing the mess and leaving. ∆Saad Hariri resigned as prime minister due to protests ∆Lebanese refugee boat overturned may be the name of Lebanon, everyone has heard more or less, but not many people have stepped into this land. It is the most Paris-like city in the Middle East, open and rich; it has many world heritage sites and is the light of human civilization; it is also the origin of wine and chocolate. It only takes 30 minutes from the snow-capped mountains to the beach, which is romantic to the core; Lebanon has become a hell where everyone is scrambling to escape. 01 How hard is life in a bankrupt country? Lebanon is a small country in southwestern Asia on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. With an area of ​​only over 10,000 square kilometers, it is smaller than Tianjin, with a population of just over 6 million, less than half of Tianjin's population. But it is such a small country, once extremely wealthy, known as "Little Paris in the Middle East"; it is also a holiday destination for countless people, and has been rated as "Top 10 Travel Destinations in the World" and "Must Visit in Life" by "Lonely Planet" and "New York Times" Tourist place". But now, Lebanon is getting worse and worse. The economy has completely collapsed, prices have skyrocketed, and unemployment has skyrocketed... The national debt is as high as 89.5 billion US dollars, the currency has depreciated by 95%, widespread power outages, and even food, medicine, fuel and other basic livelihood necessities. are severely in short supply. ∆Lebanese try to get back their savings If you go to Beirut, the capital, now, you may see these pictures: someone breaking into a bank, only to pay for the medical bills of their loved ones to withdraw their savings. Because if he doesn't do that, the bank deposit will never be withdrawn, and even if he dies of illness or starvation, it's just a string of numbers. ∆Sally stood on the bank desk, and countless people regarded her as a national hero. Some people pawn off their property, just hoping to support their children. Because of the scarcity of food, it takes several months of income to buy food every week. If it is not for most families who have relatives abroad, most people will starve to death. Some people held flags and shouted slogans and took to the streets to protest because they were too angry with the government. The national treasury is depleted, but the Lebanese government keeps raising taxes, from tobacco to gasoline, and even the apps used to make phone calls. The capital, where the explosion occurred two years ago, is still in ruins. The reconstruction funds have disappeared and no one has been held accountable. Just because its government is completely dominated by various sects, the administrative efficiency is low, and corruption is endless. At night, it becomes a "ghost town", with lights, fans, TVs, refrigerators all turned off, and no light is seen. As early as half a month ago, Lebanon had suspended the supply of stores across the country, and people could only move in the dark, and it was impossible to predict when it would resume. ∆A Lebanese people who can only breathe with the help of an electric oxygen machine. With the outbreak of the epidemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war, Lebanon, which was already crumbling, has become even worse. The people can only make ends meet by relying on overseas remittances. The once affluent, calm and carefree time is disappearing little by little. 63% of people want to leave Lebanon permanently and never come back. 02This sad and bankrupt country was once the most worthwhile travel destination in life! But Lebanon, which everyone wants to escape now, was once the light of world civilization and was listed as a "must-see in life" by countless travelers. Its capital, Beirut, is a city that appears in ancient Egyptian documents. It feels thin to describe it as beautiful, and you can always encounter surprises when you walk on the streets. Free and open, it is the most special country in the Middle East, an alternative in the Arab world, and is known as the Paris of the East. On the streets, you can see people drinking freely, women are not required to wear headscarves, and CNN has rated it as one of the best countries for nightlife in the world. There are diverse and profound historical backgrounds here. There are "religious history museums" on the streets, mosques and churches are built next to each other; there is also an ancient Roman city archaeological site, such a unique cultural mix and match scenery, you can only see it in Lebanon. When you arrive at the lively Plaza of Stars, you can drink coffee and feed the pigeons here, giving you the illusion of traveling to France. And the most amazing thing is that the largest Mohammed Amin Mosque in Lebanon is next to a Catholic church and an Orthodox church. There are some of the earliest cities and many world heritage sites in the world. Seeing these places that can be called "miracles", we know that the "Light of Humanity" is well-deserved. You can see the most spectacular ruins in Lebanon, the Temple of Baalbek, which is also one of the largest and best preserved Roman ruins in the world. You can live in Byblos, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, and the birthplace of the earliest alphabetic writing. Standing on the Mount of the Virgin Mary, you can also see the whole city from the Crusader Castle. It only takes 30 minutes from the beach to the snow-capped mountains here, and you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and the mountain at the same time in one day. During the day, you can go hiking in the mountains of Qiaofu to see Lebanon's largest cedar nature reserve; in the evening, go to Pigeon Rock, which looks like a stone arch on the sea, where you can enjoy amazing sunsets and sea views. The residents here love to dress fashionably and pay attention to the sense of life rituals. Some people say that even if the Lebanese are as poor as a dime, they will still appear in front of you with dignity. In the past, policewomen wore short skirts on the street, which were beautiful and eye-catching, and they were a beautiful landscape in the city. All kinds of customs are intertwined, and people can't help but sigh: How can there be so many possibilities in such a small country! Such a beautiful and worth seeing country is now reduced to a hell on earth that everyone wants to escape, how can you not feel infinitely embarrassed! Some friends may not understand that in the turbulent Middle East, Lebanon has once accepted refugees and has been providing material assistance. But now, a serious economic crisis has made the prosperity and prosperity here no longer, and the Lebanese people have also become the objects in need of assistance. I hope that Lebanon can get out of the predicament, and the kind and simple people here can return to ordinary life. ∆Syrian people in Lebanon In short, seeing the displacement of people from other countries, in addition to sympathy, they are really glad that they were born in China. Have you ever been to Lebanon? What's your travel experience? Share it with everyone in the comment section~

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