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These "big wine blenders" will be announced directly, all of which are flavored wines, which are very pleasing

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These "big wine blenders" will be announced directly, all of which are flavored wines, which are very pleasing

The owner of a winery who heard a fake wine incident before said: "The profit of blending a bottle of wine can be higher than the profit of selling 5 bottles." How many small manufacturers can resist not blending? Presumably many drinkers have drank fake wine that is not cheap, and woke up the next day feeling dizzy. Manufacturers, sales channels of fake wine, and manufacturers of fake trademarks have formed a complete industrial chain. However, the good news is that after the release of the new national standard, it has been set, and the following "big wine blenders" will be announced soon, all of which are flavored wines, which is really exciting! 1. Moutai brings a "town", and you need to be cautious when buying wine. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently thousands of wineries in Maotai Town, large and small, but there are only a few with winemaking qualifications, only more than 500. So how do the remaining wineries make wine? They don’t make their own wine, they only buy other people’s base wine. There are many wineries like this in Maotai Town. Their wineries are generally not very big, and they don’t have their own brewing grains and cellars. They only have a small filling workshop. After purchasing the base wine from another home, you can directly label it and then fill it. Since the base wine is from someone else, the final blended wine is of uneven quality. 2. Do not make wine at all, it is all about blending. Small wineries such as blending have their own blending workshops. All kinds of flavored wines and spices used for blending can be seen everywhere in the workshop. They only need to be blended according to a certain proportion, and do not spend time and energy fermentation. , In this way, a bottle of fake wine under the banner of Maotai Town was born, and some were even sold under the banner of pure liquor. In fact, liquor and beer are different. Liquor needs to be stored for a long time, otherwise the irritating substances such as methanol in the wine body will not be fully exerted, and it will be irritating to drink, and it is especially easy to get on. 3. A lot of OEM wines still believe in big-brand wines. They think that when buying wine, you have to look for high-end and big-brand wines, and you will not buy the wrong ones if you are willing to spend money. But there is still such a kind of wine, which is specially designed to "trap" drinkers, that is OEM wine. 01. Fenjiu Group Wine I don't know if you have heard such a sentence, called "Fenjiu does not bring wine, it is just to finish"! This is not a joke. Fenjiu has a very good reputation in everyone's heart. The price has always been close to the people, and the quality of the wine can't be said. But in fact, there is also the phenomenon of OEM in Fenjiu. There is a "Fenjiu Group" to manage its OEM products. In fact, OEM wine is not a secret. Some little-known small workshops, as long as they are willing If you give money to a big factory, you can get the OEM right, and it is logical to say that it is produced by a big factory. 02. Xifeng does not bring wine. The official Xifeng wine, the trademark is marked with the three words "Xifeng wine", but some drinkers should have seen wine with only two words "Xifeng" in the market, which is actually the same as Fenjiu's post Liquor is a model, all of which are OEM wines produced by small workshops under Xifeng Wine. 03. Bamboo wine with the name of "natural pollution-free" is aimed at those who have just come into contact with liquor. People who drink often know that liquor needs a special bottle to ensure its airtightness, but this kind of "bamboo tube" "Liquor" is said to be fermented in a bamboo tube. Let's not talk about whether it is running or not. This kind of thing is irritating when placed in bamboo. And the reason why bamboo wine has the taste of bamboo is because of additives, so don't buy it randomly when you encounter this kind of wine. If you want to drink good wine with high cost performance, but you really don’t know how to buy it, the easiest way is to look for the good wine recognized by the majority of wine lovers. After all, this is recognized by the public, and the quality and taste of wine will not Poor, for example, the following is an imitation of Taiwanese wine. When it comes to Yuande imitation Taiwanese wine, we have to mention its background. It is produced in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province, the holy land of sauce wine, and Feitian Maotai, which has a taste of 95% with Maotai masters, and is full of "Mao flavor". Yuande imitation Taiwan wine selects the natural and unique Hongyingzi glutinous sorghum, high-quality wheat, and the famous Chishui River water throughout the country. It inherits the traditional winemaking craftsmanship of the old Maotai people - Daqu Kunsha craftsmanship, which makes every drop of this wine reveal. precious. Yuande imitation Taiwan wine has stability and palatability. When you enter the mouth, it is rich in sauce, delicate and mellow, especially after adding the old wine to mix, the full cellar aroma and burnt aroma, you can enjoy every sip. Written at the end: This is the end of the writing. After reading this article, what do you think about the flavor blending wine? Please leave a message. Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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