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Warm and different Mid-Autumn Festival! We send love mooncakes and cakes to stranded tourists in Shannan

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Warm and different Mid-Autumn Festival! We send love mooncakes and cakes to stranded tourists in Shannan

Warm Mid-Autumn Festival condolences and warm hearts When the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the Tourism Development Bureau of Shannan Sangri, Nedong, Luoza and other counties (districts) cares for the stranded tourists and sends "love" gift packages such as moon cakes and cakes. On the afternoon of September 9, relevant staff from Sangri County came to the Minxin Hotel in Woka Hot Spring, Sheba Village, Zengqi Township, to express condolences to the stranded tourists. , mineral water, instant noodles, medicines and other materials, let them feel the warmth of Sangri and the joy of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Dawapando, a stranded tourist, said: "The five of us are from Lhasa. We stayed at the Minxin Hotel since August 6 and have been stranded until now due to the epidemic. Director Lei is very concerned about us and properly solved our room and board problems. He often asks us what else we have. Every time we need to ask the scenic spot to solve our needs in a timely manner. This time you come to condolence again, I am so moved, thank the county party committee for caring, and thank director Lei for always caring about us! "Hu He, member of the Sangri county party committee standing committee and deputy county magistrate, was stranded. The tourist said: "Everyone cooperates with the epidemic prevention and control work and does a good job of self-protection. Our job is to put people first, serve the tourists, and do everything possible to solve the difficulties you encounter! I wish you a happy holiday!" The road to reunion, but the warmth cannot be interrupted. On September 10th, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival came as scheduled. With the care of the county party committee and government, the Luoza County Tourism Development Bureau carried out the 9 staff members of the isolation point. For condolences, we visited 57 stranded tourists and sent cakes, fruits and other condolences worth more than 5,000 yuan. When the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, Ai Zai Nedong Nedong District Tourism Development Bureau distributed moon cakes and other condolences to the stranded tourists, allowing them to spend a warm Mid-Autumn Festival in Nedong District. Source: Tibet Shannan Tourism Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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