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The most beautiful autumn colors limited to 20 days! In September, everyone has a grassland in their hearts

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The most beautiful autumn colors limited to 20 days! In September, everyone has a grassland in their hearts

I have always felt that God is too partial to Hulunbuir. Its summer is not only known as the most beautiful in China, but its autumn is also rated as a "must visit in autumn". The autumn color is only 20 days a year. It has a world-class scenery and is simply a national border. Unique "Nordic fairy tale". Every September, Hulun Buir in autumn begins to change into gorgeous Chinese clothes and golden coats, which is about to start a visual feast. The autumn in Hulunbuir belongs not only to the grasslands, but also to the colorful Daxing'anling forests. The color levels decrease along the hillside, and the entire Daxing'anling virgin forests are dyed into oil paintings. The 1,733.32-kilometer border line borders Russia and Mongolia. At this time, it is the "autumn season" in Aershan, but it also coincides with the off-season of Hulunbuir's travel. The vast wilderness is scattered, and all the beautiful scenery here is exclusive. The epidemic prevention and control you are worried about: Inner Mongolia can go to Inner Mongolia with a green code + 48h nucleic acid certificate, and the nucleic acid can be collected and left with the landing, starting and ending in Hailar. This autumn's Hulunbuir route, we want to take you to play a 360° in-depth experience without dead ends to capture the beauty of Hulunbuir in one go Erguna Wetland China-Russia Border River and Aolu Ancient Yashoulu Tribe Daxing'anling Primitive Forest The goal is to visit the core area of ​​Daxing'anling in depth and feel the grassland starry sky at close range. This route is an exclusive experience arrangement. Deeply travel through grassland and Daxing'anling primitive forest. Unseen scenery. A small village of Xanadu that is about to disappear, a pure land on the border, a fairy tale world where the Mongolian people go from the forest to the grassland, which is beyond the reach of ordinary tourists. ▲Summer scenery When others are still queuing for horseback riding, we ride horses on the prairie in the private horse farm, the gorgeous autumn colors, riding on horseback to enjoy, has a unique flavor. ▲In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery in summer, we also prepared another small horseback trip - embarking on the road taken by herdsmen, experiencing the traditional culture of Mongolians, and enjoying the most beautiful grassland scenery in China. Visit Mongolian herdsmen, visit Russian families to taste milk tea, Daliba experience lamb feeding, milking, grass skating, archery, karting... One-line series, many autumn scenery || Heishantou is located in Hulunbuir University In the northwest of the grassland, at the southern end of the Erguna River, this beautiful and rich land makes people stop. Here, you can see wetland grassland landforms everywhere, and watch a famous sunset here. || On the grasslands of Hulunbuir, Moorgele River, there are many curved waters, but the only one that can be called "the first curved water in the world" is the Morigele River. ▲The river course is not wide in summer, and the widest point is only 5 or 6 meters, but the river course is extremely curved, and nine bends and eighteen bends are not enough to describe it. ▲Summer Scenery|| Genhe is located at the western foot of the Greater Khingan Mountains, with a forest coverage rate of 91.7%, which may be one of the cleanest places in China. Along the way, the scenery on both sides will gradually transition from grassland to virgin forest. If you want to say the most worthwhile place in autumn, this is indispensable. In September, Genhe is already full of autumn colors. "The trees and trees are all autumn colors, and the mountains and mountains are only the sunset." The vast scenery is a colorful fairy tale world, and it is a paradise for photographers. || Mordaoga Forest Park Mordaoga, every autumn, the beauty is incomparable. You can take the literary and artistic train inside, and when you reach the top, you can overlook the entire Daxing'an Mountains. The bright colors seem to be overturned by God. || Aershan is a small frontier town at the junction of Inner Mongolia and Mongolia, and it is also the city with the smallest population in China. It was recommended by the "China Tourism Yearbook" as "one of the most worthwhile places to visit". Its beauty begins with the arrival of autumn and bursts out all at once. || The border road is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and faces the largest village and town in Russia's Transbaikal Territory, Duroi, across the Erguna River. Driving along the border highway, you can enjoy the scenery along the border between China and Russia. The border highway is a straight road with a length of 6 kilometers. It goes straight to the sky, and there is no end in sight. Travel to the blue-eyed, white-skinned Russian homes || Enhe is a Russian town like an oil painting. It is located in Inner Mongolia and faces Russia across the Ergun River. Passing through virgin forests, white birches and wetlands, we came to a small village on the Sino-Russian border, which is one of the few Russian ethnic townships in China. || There are no more than 10 families left in Qigan so far. She is like an abandoned ruins, but she is still strong and alive, living like a paradise. Source Great Craftsman|| Entering the Aolu Guya Deer Hunting Tribe The Ewenki tribe is the only hunter tribe that raises reindeer in my country. The tribe fears the gods and lives with the reindeer. In their autumn camp, learn about the truest life of the nomads. Here, you can get up close and personal with the reindeer, feed it moss, and take pictures with it. || Arctic Village The northernmost town in China. In the Arctic Village, you can find the northernmost family, the northernmost post office, and the northernmost post office in China... This is also the only place in my country where you can observe the Northern Lights. Accompanied by food, it is best to stay in yurts + wood carvings || Eat well On this route, in order to allow everyone to better experience the national culture of Hulunbuir, we also include ethnic dishes with local characteristics. Handle meat ▼ stewed mutton ▼ roasted whole lamb ▼ Mongolian meal ▼ iron pot stew ▼|| If you live in the Hulunbuir prairie, you must experience the local customs: special yurt + woodcut lodging experience. || Small group On this route, whether it is horseback archery, hiking, or tasting milk tea with a Russian family, the group is too large to procrastinate, and the small group of no more than 12 people makes the experience more niche. Exploring the Hulunbuir Grassland - the uninhabited area of ​​the Daxing'an Mountains is a 12-day self-driving tour. This is the most cost-effective and most beautiful autumn route. Group period: September 20/September 26, 12 days and 11 nights, Arctic Village, Luogu River, Enhe Hada, the virgin forest area in the northern part of the Greater Khingan Mountains, Qigan, Hulunbuir Prairie, Aershan, all the best attractions! Brief itinerary -End-

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