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I am so impressed! He quit his high-paying job to buy an island, built a park, and refused a developer buyout

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I am so impressed! He quit his high-paying job to buy an island, built a park, and refused a developer buyout

He spent his whole life just to protect an island. There was an Englishman who, at the age of 37, quit his high-paying, decent job to buy an island for £8,000. Do you think he is going to retire early and live a happy vacation life: waking up with the wet sea breeze, basking in the sun on the beach, looking at the blue sea and lush trees, the day goes by... But, he bought It's a deserted island. There are no animals on the island, all weeds and rocks, even life is difficult, let alone the scenery. Then why did he buy the island? He wants to build this deserted island and turn it into a beautiful island with a beautiful environment. It's like a "real-life version of Robinson." Later, this island's secret realm was spotted by tourism developers and wanted to buy it at a high price. Do you think he will be ecstatic and take the money to live a dashing life? He didn't. He believes that developers will destroy the original ecological environment of the island and make it unrecognizable. So he gave up the high price and turned to government support. In the end, the island was built into "the smallest national forest park in the world". Today, the Seychelles Islands, where the island is located, have become a world-famous "luxury holiday destination". Only this small island still retains the most natural and beautiful scenery. Brendon Grimshaw is the man who gave up a decent job, gave up the high prices offered by developers, and spent most of his life building islands. 01 Quit a high-paying job and bought a deserted island. Grimshaw is a native of the United Kingdom. He is an editor in the most important newspaper in Africa, and his daily contacts are with the most important local people. This job is not only stable, well paid, but also very decent. In 1962, he came to the Seychelles for his first holiday. It is more than 1,500 kilometers away from the African continent. After living on the island for a while, he found that he enjoyed this kind of life too much. So he asked around where there were small islands for sale, and finally he found Moyenne Island. Grimshaw loved Moyan Island, saying, "This is what I've been looking for." So he bought the island with £8,000 without hesitation. You know, 8,000 pounds at that time was equivalent to 190,000 pounds now, equivalent to 1.6 million yuan. Do you think that he bought the island for vacation and rest. But surprisingly, he wanted more than just a vacation. After buying the island, he quit his job and planned to live on the island for the rest of his life. At this time, he was only 37 years old. Have you come to admire Grimshaw's courage, or envied his ability to retire early and live a happy island life? However, his later life was not comfortable to outsiders! 02The deserted island was built into a forest park, but the developer refused to buy the island bought by Grimshaw at a high price, although it also has pure white and soft sandy beaches and salty sea breeze. But it's a desert island where "birds don't shit"! The plants on the island are disorganized, with neither coconut groves nor wildflowers, but almost only weeds. It seems that no one has ever been here, because it is really uninhabitable! Moyan Island is almost the deserted island that Robinson drifted to, and unlike Robinson, he spent a lot of money and took the initiative to choose to go to the deserted island. Grimshaw began a life of pioneering desert islands. Together with 19-year-old Rene, he built a thatched hut on a desert island and chopped roads with an axe... These jobs are hard work for ordinary people, but they enjoy it. After weeding, Grimshaw and Rene began rebuilding the forest. They brought in saplings from outside and planted a total of 16,000 trees: mahogany, palm, mango, papaya. The saplings grew bigger and bigger, and finally covered the whole island. The island is full of life. Grimshaw didn't think it was enough, so he started introducing animals. They traveled to other parts of the Seychelles and bought native animals such as red-crowned blue doves, red weavers, giant tortoises, and brought them to their own island of Moyan. With animals and plants, the ecology of Moyan Island is getting better and better. Later, many birds flew over from other places to build their nests and live here. "Reality Robinson" Grimshaw has finally repaired the island, which has taken most of his life. At this moment, someone took a fancy to Grimshaw's island, and the bid was as high as 50 million US dollars, equivalent to 350 million yuan! And that's not counting inflation. How would you react if this happened to you? Most people must be so excited that they can wake up with laughter when they fall asleep, and they can't wait to sell the island immediately! But Grimshaw didn't do that, just as he chose to quit what was considered a good job by outsiders. This time, his choice was equally unexpected. He turned down the developers' high-priced purchases and turned to the Seychelles government. The government welcomed Grimshaw warmly and was very sure of his contributions over the years. Because there are 45 kinds of endemic plants on Moyan Island, there are more than 40 endemic palm trees and 13 sea coconuts. As a result, Moyan Island was successfully incorporated into St. Anne's Marine Park and became the smallest national park in the world. Today, tourists can visit Moyan Island for only $10. Tickets are used as funds to maintain the island. At the same time, the Seychelles have become synonymous with "tropical island paradise" and an internationally renowned "luxury holiday destination". The number one beach on the National Geographic list is La Digo Island. Unlike well-developed islands, Moyan Island has a special magic. There is no pier on the island, and as you wade barefoot ashore, across the shallows, into forest paths, listening to the birds sing and occasionally encountering a giant tortoise. No businessman's clamor, no splendid resort know, this is the real nature. When tourists from all over the world flock to Seychelles, Moyan Island may be the most natural look of Seychelles. And this is exactly what Grimshaw left behind when he passed away in 2012, "to turn Moyan Island into a mini Seychelles, replicating the way Seychelles and its islands looked before tourists came." The behavior of understanding, quitting the high-paying job, and giving up the acquisition of the developer, in fact, is because he has been pursuing the real beautiful nature all his life!


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