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Weekend super popular Jinan parent-child self-driving tour recommendation

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Weekend super popular Jinan parent-child self-driving tour recommendation

The meaning of travel is to meet a different self. Therefore, you don’t have to be extravagant, and you don’t have to pursue distance. The key is to follow your heart. The dream of traveling around the world is always beautiful. Before spring arrives, everyone should go out with their loved ones. Have fun, bring your good mood on weekends, and drive around Jinan together~ 1. Zhujiayu Zhujiayu is a typical mountain-style ancient village in northern China. Zhujiayu is located 5 kilometers southeast of Mingshui City in Zhangqiu District. The ancient village is a trapezoidal settlement surrounded by mountains on three sides. There are nearly 200 ancient buildings in the ancient village, more than 30 stone bridges, more than 20 wells and springs, and more than ten temples. There are countless cultural and natural landscapes such as Kangxi Overpass, Wenchang Pavilion, Kuixing Building, Guandi Temple, Zhu's Ancestral Hall, Double Track Ancient Road, Tanjing Seven Bridges, Lion Cave and so on. Zhujiayu is praised by experts as "the first ancient village in Qilu and a sample of settlements in Jiangbei". 2. Guanying Village Guanying Village is located in Duozhuang Town, Zhangqiu, about 60 kilometers away from the urban area of ​​Jinan. It is said that in the early Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Qi State and Lu State were at odds, and Duke Huan of Qi relied on the danger of Tianmen Pass to build a pile of grass in Duozhuang to defeat the Lu army. The village was renamed Guanying. Guanying Village is known as "Wuyuan" in Shandong. There is a spring on the mountain in the south of the village, called Heiniu Spring. It never runs dry all year round. The spring is as big as the mouth of a bowl. After it came out, it was very clear. 3. Qilu No. 8 Fengqing Road Qilu No. 8 Fengqing Road is located in the east of Wande Town, Changqing District. The "six villages on the first line" start from Bashan Village in the north and pass through Racecourse, Yuhuang Temple, Zhangzhuang, Fangzhuang, and Matao Village. Ancient villages, ancient wells, Qi Great Wall ruins, Phoenix Ridge, Baxian Stones, etc. are all integrated into it. Among the six villages along the route, the environment is beautiful, the forest coverage rate reaches 80%, and the original ecological environment is like a natural oxygen bar. The quaint local customs and natural regional characteristics all show the natural features of the western foot of Mount Tai and the humanistic spirit of Qilu. 4. Fantawild Oriental God Painting Jinfang Oriental God Painting takes intangible cultural heritage as its biggest feature. It is carefully crafted with world-class high-tech means, and it interprets traditional folk art in a new way, allowing tourists to experience an extraordinary cultural feast. Jinfang Special Oriental God Painting is composed of eight themed areas and twenty-nine exclusive project divisions, including more than 1,000 intangible cultural heritage exhibition halls, theme projects, large-scale amusement projects and park landscape projects, most of which are suitable for all ages. , ideal for family travel and weekend leisure fun. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!


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