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What happened to Li Yifeng?

Time:2022-12-04 16:53:21 author:Vacation Read:932次
What happened to Li Yifeng?

It's been a lot of wind recently, and with the inquiries from a few readers in the background, let's talk about the big melon in the entertainment industry! The first entry is a three-character male artist! The incident is not complicated, and I will not say three words. It is that a traffic star named Li Yifeng was suddenly cut off from the show, and the list of the Mid-Autumn Festival cannot be found. Many netizens searched and opened it empty? This can't help but make people curious. Some people say that it will not be in the footsteps of Li Yundi and Wu Yifan, right? It also involves the Wanwan Internet celebrity! Some people also said some others, saying that it is probably related to the following one! And one of the hot searches on Weibo is that Li Yifeng's big fan posted a post! In just ten minutes, the reading was as high as 26.07 million! What this big fan said is also very sincere, meaning that there is no need to wait for the studio to refute the rumors, it can't wait. In fact, I knew about this a long time ago, but I thought it was settled at the time. Regarding this matter, the specific details have not been confirmed by Li Yifeng's studio, but the public opinion on the Internet has obviously exploded! There are even more rumors than the big fans broke the news! Some netizens questioned, why did Li Yundi's PC report directly last time? However, there is also a circle of friends suspected of Li Yifeng's agent on the Internet, saying it is a rumor! Many fans of Li Yifeng began to cry and feel sad on the Internet! The incident is like this. It can't be true or false, and it can't be true. I believe that the studio will respond quickly, but it may also be a police report! But if such a thing happened very early, it is only detonated on the Internet now, it is really a good time!


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