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The results of Ukraine's counterattack, even the Russians have admitted

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The results of Ukraine's counterattack, even the Russians have admitted

There has been controversy these days about the progress of Ukraine's counterattack in the east, because Ukraine has imposed information control on the operation, so there is not much official information. Therefore, those who support Ukraine say that the Ukrainian army is breaking down and will soon drive the Russians back; those who support Russia say: Ukraine has suffered heavy losses and has not achieved any results, and the follow-up reinforcements of the Russian army will arrive immediately. It's all a bit of a bullshit. Judging from the news released by authoritative media so far, Ukraine's counteroffensive has indeed recovered some places, but it is still far from driving the Russian army back completely. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced yesterday that the Ukrainian army has recovered 30 settlements, covering an area of ​​about 1,800 square kilometers. In addition, in addition to Ukrainian media and Western media, the Russian media yesterday also confirmed that the Ukrainian army's counterattack has achieved remarkable results. On September 9, Russian state television interviewed Vitaly Gancev, the main leader of the pro-Russian government in Kharkov supported by Russia, who is also the head of what Ukraine calls the "Kharkov Russian puppet government". "The situation (in Kharkov) is quite serious now," Gancev said. "Our line of defense has been breached, (although the whole of Kharkov has not been lost). This is already a major victory for the Ukrainian armed forces." In the interview, he admitted that the Russian army was being pushed back from several places. The Ukrainian army's counter-offensive started ten days ago. They first used weapons aided by the West to carry out long-term harassing precision strikes on the Russian airfields and ammunition depots in Crimea and Kherson in the south. , after that, send ground troops to attack. Soon, the Ukrainian army of Kherson formed a three-sided siege against the Russian army on the north bank of the Dnieper. Just when the Russian army mobilized troops from Donbass and Crimea to prepare for rescue, the Ukrainian army suddenly launched an attack on the second largest city, Kharkov in the east, three days ago. There are many various reports about this counterattack. Because the sources are numerous and involve many unfamiliar place names, it is easy to confuse people. However, as ordinary people who eat melons, in fact, they only need to pay attention to the following two more important places. Friends who are concerned about the Russian-Ukrainian war should be very familiar with Izium. From the beginning of the war, this has been the key target of the two sides. It is an important strategic city in the east and the choke point from Kyiv to Donbass. Due to the lack of heavy weapons, the early Ukrainian army was unable to resist the fierce artillery fire of the Russian army and was lost here. Now, the Ukrainian army has formed a pincer siege of Izium and simultaneously launched an attack on another city, Kupiansk. Although Kupyansk is not as famous as Igyum, it is also a big city. Because of several roads, railways and rivers, it is more convenient to engage in logistics. Now it is an important transshipment base for the Russian army's arms and equipment. If the Ukrainian army arrives on the outskirts of Kupyansk and wins here, not only will the Russian army in Izum run out of ammunition and food, but also directly threaten the security of Donbass. As Gancev said, "the defense line of the Russian army was broken through", and it was broken on the first day of the war. According to many videos on the battlefield, the morale of the Russian army seems to have a big problem. When the Russian troops on the outskirts of Kharkov were escaping, they blew up the bridge directly, regardless of the comrades behind them, before they had time to run, resulting in the capture of the comrades in arms. There are also Russian tanks that ran into a big tree because they panicked when they were running. Anyway, they were messing around. Although the Ukrainian army with a full set of American equipment has indeed achieved a lot of victories, if it is considered that the victory is already in hand, I think it is a bit too optimistic. After all, Russia is also a thin camel. Although it may not be bigger than a horse, it can still be regarded as a donkey! However, the Americans who have been providing intelligence to Ukraine since before the war, and various weapons after the war, helping to train soldiers are obviously more optimistic than me. "We're seeing success now in Kherson, and we're seeing some success in Kharkiv, which is very, very encouraging," U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told a news conference in Prague on Friday. William Burns, the director of the CIA, who once served as the US ambassador to Russia, put it more clearly. According to the "Guardian" report on September 9: Burns directly announced: Russia has lost in this war. William Burns said Putin was making the same mistake when he underestimated Ukraine's resolve when he decided to invade Ukraine in February, and now he underestimated international support for Kyiv. The New York Times also reported that Burns said at a conference in Washington: "Putin's bet now is that he will be tougher than Ukrainians, Europeans, Americans ... I believe, my colleagues at the CIA I also believe that Putin made a mistake in this bet, just like his prediction of Ukraine's willingness to resist in February.

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