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Notice! Rainfall and cooler weather in Ningxia in the coming week

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Notice! Rainfall and cooler weather in Ningxia in the coming week

Rainfall and cooling The weather in Ningxia will be affected by the combination of eastward-moving weak cold air and southerly warm and humid air flow. It is expected that there will be multiple precipitation weather in our region in the next three days. Among them: during the day on the 16th, Helan Mountain, Shizuishan City, Zhongwei City , Guyuan City and Yinchuan City have showers (0.1 mm to 5 mm); from the night of the 16th to the daytime of the 17th, there are moderate rains (10 mm to 15 mm) in Longde County and Jingyuan County in Guyuan City, and Tongxin County in Wuzhong City. In the south, there were light rains (0.1 mm to 10 mm) in Haiyuan County of Zhongwei City and Yuanzhou District, Pengyang County and Xiji County of Guyuan City; from the 18th to the 19th, there were moderate rains in the southeast of Wuzhong City, the south of Zhongwei City and Guyuan City , and light rain in other areas. Affected by the strong cold air moving eastward and southward in Xinjiang, from the 22nd to the 24th, there was a weather process of strong wind, cooling, light frost and weak precipitation in our region. Among them: from the 21st to the 22nd, there were showers in the southern part of Guyuan City; on the 22nd, there were northerly winds of about level 5 in most of the region, with gusts of level 7 to 9; on the 23rd, the daily average temperature in most parts of the region on the 21st dropped by 6 to 8℃; in the early morning from the 23rd to the 24th, the lowest temperature in the northern section of Helan Mountain, the southeastern part of Wuzhong City, the southern part of Zhongwei City, and Guyuan City dropped to 0℃ to 3℃, and there was light frost; at present, our district is still in the flood season. Pay attention to the latest weather forecast and warning information at any time, pay attention to travel safety, and do a good job in dealing with precipitation weather. Sanitation and epidemic prevention, outdoor workers and the public need to keep warm and add clothes in the morning and evening. Depending on the weather conditions in the irrigated area, corn and soybeans are harvested in time, and the grains should be returned to the warehouse. The next 24-hour weather forecast for Yinchuan: cloudy to overcast, southerly wind 2, the temperature is 15 to 27 degrees. Shizuishan: Cloudy to overcast, southwesterly wind level 2, temperature 14 to 26 degrees. Wu Zhong: Cloudy to overcast, south to north wind 2 to 3, temperature 16 to 26 degrees. Zhongwei: Cloudy to overcast, east to west wind 2 to 3, temperature 15 to 26 degrees. Guyuan: Cloudy to overcast, southerly wind 2 degrees, temperature 11 to 19 degrees. Ningxia Tianqi丨Source Peach丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge URL: Contribution: 0951—6720808

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