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The top ten famous mountains in China, you are a tourist expert if you have visited them all

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The top ten famous mountains in China, you are a tourist expert if you have visited them all

1. Mount Tai, Shandong: Known as "the first of the Five Sacred Mountains" and "the first mountain in the world", it has extremely beautiful and spectacular natural scenery. It is a rare tourist attraction in the world that combines history, culture and nature. 2. Huangshan Mountain in Anhui: Known as "the first strange mountain in the world", it integrates 800 million years of geological history, and integrates peak forest landforms and glacial relics. Typical geological landscape. 3. Mount Emei in Sichuan: One of the "Four Famous Buddhist Mountains" in China, with steep terrain and beautiful scenery, it is known as "the beauty of the world in Emei". The Wanfo Peak on the mountain is the highest, with an altitude of 3099 meters, more than 2700 meters above the Emei Plain. Mount Emei is located in the intersection of various natural elements, with complex flora and rich biological species. 4. Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi Province: Lushan Mountain is famous for its majesty, strangeness, danger and beauty. It is known as "the best in the world". The most famous Sandiequan Waterfall has a drop of 155 meters. The spring is not counted as a guest of Lushan". 5. Mount Everest in Tibet: It has unique natural landscapes, including rivers, lakes, glaciers, ice edges, sandstorms and other landform types and its complex modern surface morphology, as well as numerous geohistorical relics, with important scientific value and aesthetics value. 6. Changbai Mountain in Jilin: Changbai Mountain has been China's sacred territory since ancient times. It is one of the top ten famous mountains in China. The main peak of Changbai Mountain is named after the white pumice and snow. 's reputation. 7. Huashan, Shaanxi: It is connected to the Qinling Mountains in the south and overlooks Huangwei in the north. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that "the most dangerous mountain in the world", the "Hua" of China originated from Mount Hua, and thus, Mount Hua has "the root of China" called. 8. Fujian Wuyi Mountain: It is a famous scenic tourist area and summer resort in China. It is a typical Danxia landform and is one of the first batch of national key scenic spots. 9. Yushan, Taiwan: It is one of the six national parks in Taiwan. Yushan is majestic and dominant, and sometimes snows in winter. From a distance, the snow is as white as jade, and the scenery is beautiful. . 10. Wutai Mountain in Shanxi: It is composed of a series of mountains and peaks, of which five peaks are flat as terraces, hence the name Wutai Mountain. Which ones have you been to?


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