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Sangzhuzi District of Shigatse City has a low risk in the whole area, and tells you the story behind it that makes you cry!

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Sangzhuzi District of Shigatse City has a low risk in the whole area, and tells you the story behind it that makes you cry!

On September 15, according to the news “released by Sangzhuzi District”, “As of September 14, 36 medium-risk areas in Sangzhuzi District have reached the lifting conditions, and there are no high- and medium-risk areas in Sangzhuzi District.” This indicates that the epidemic prevention and control in Sangzhuzi District will gradually shift from emergency response to normalized prevention and control, and the resumption of work and production in an orderly and classified manner is coming. Cuozhen, the sinking cadre in charge of the epidemic prevention and control work in the community, participated, and at this moment, he was very excited. In the past month or so, he and the "comrades" who fought against the epidemic side by side became the "administrators" and "waiters" of the community, silently sticking to their posts. Seeing that the epidemic situation has improved, they feel that their hard work is worth it. Cuo Zhenjia, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Letters and Calls, is mainly responsible for the disinfection of the internal environment of the community, the distribution and distribution of materials, assisting medical staff in nucleic acid testing and the transfer of positive patients, and strictly implements the "four door-to-door" work requirements. I believe that through the joint efforts of everyone, we will be able to return to normal life as soon as possible. The epidemic is raging, and we must fight with all our strength to stop the epidemic. On August 31, since Sanzhuzi District announced the realization of social zero, facing the still complicated situation, the municipal party committee and the municipal government made a decisive decision and decided to "upgrade" the epidemic prevention and control work in Sanzhuzi District. The leading group for joint prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic has unified command and dispatch, and has made every effort to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in Sangzhuzi District with the strength of the whole city. In the fight against the epidemic, Sangzhuzi District has always put ensuring the needs of the masses as the top priority, and adhered to the "four door-to-door" measures of nucleic acid sampling, food delivery, food delivery, medicine delivery, and garbage disposal, and effectively ensured the people's "eating and drinking". , medical treatment, medicine, funeral", taking into account, taking care of, and serving all the needs of the people at home. "Hello, lunch has arrived!" "Please notify all units to come and collect anti-epidemic supplies...", heart-warming words make people more confident in the fight against the epidemic. With the development of the epidemic situation, a complete material supply mechanism has emerged as the times require: from stranded tourists, front-line personnel, and infected people in the cabin to eat, to community "love vegetable packs" and "warm heart meat packs". The distribution all embodies the concept of "people first" of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and the strong coordination of scientific research and judgment and efficient scheduling. In order to completely solve the problems of the nucleic acid testing work, such as scattered sites in the jurisdiction, fatigue of nucleic acid testing personnel, and long time span of a sampling process, Sangzhuzi District timely organized teams such as sinking cadres, community workers, and volunteers to conduct special training. , invested in nucleic acid sampling, disinfection and sterilization, and realized that each community could sample and sterilize itself, and started the people's war for epidemic prevention and control. Recently, the makeshift hospital of the Sports Center of the Economic Development Zone was officially put into use. In accordance with the requirements of "four requirements and four fulfillments", the municipal level has intensified efforts to build shelters and isolation points, and basically realize "rooms waiting for people" and "beds waiting for people"; at the same time, coordinate and integrate the medical prevention and control forces in other counties that have been cleared. Invested in Sangzhuzi District. According to the ninth edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan, the turnover of discharge, cabin and exit points will be accelerated, and the utilization efficiency of shelters and isolation points will be improved. In the past few days, the Sanzhuzi District Public Security Bureau has reported many typical cases of violations of epidemic prevention and control regulations, which has become a microcosm of improving community prevention and control work. In order to effectively manage the community, measures such as "three-level guarantees" and "five guarantees and one" have been implemented successively, and 22 municipal units are selected to be mainly responsible for guaranteeing a community in Sangzhuzi District to jointly carry out community prevention and control work. The clearing of the high school risk zone in Sangzhuzi District is undoubtedly a huge victory, but the risk of repeated epidemics still exists. The more the dawn is in front of us, the less we can be blindly optimistic, paralyzed, and have the idea of ​​​​relaxing and slowing down. Don't give up and fail. Source: Cloud Everest Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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