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35,000 kilometers in 115 days! The wildest retirement route in China

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35,000 kilometers in 115 days! The wildest retirement route in China

For the distant home, the call of the wild is for the vastness of 9.6 million square kilometers, the world of four seasons, for an unprecedented extreme experience, they went with the stars to the distant mountains, seas and lakes. Waiting for you# 115 days of driving around the Chinese dream, 35,000 kilometers to see the innocence of the world from another perspective, can not be repeated, but every story that happened on the road has saved candy and children in the pocket and become left to each other Please review the first 42-day itinerary of marking and calling around China: Pride! 115 days and 35,000 kilometers, this top retirement route in China, only those born after 5060 can understand 42 days, 12,700 kilometers, the self-driving road of the brave, they only drive the Chinese dream from Shanwei to Xiamen, Xiapu, Putian Ningbo, Rizhao, Yantai, Dongying, Laizhou, Tangshan Changli, Shanhaiguan, Panjin, Dandong Changbai Mountain, Erdaobaihe Town East, Hunchun, Suifenhe, Hulin, Fuyuan Heihe, Jiayin, Mohe, Genhe Shiwei, Manzhouli, Aershan , Huolin Gol Hohhot, Mandula, Ejina Jiayuguan, Dunhuang Alxa Right Banner, Bayanhot Yinchuan, Zhangye, Guazhou, Hami, Dahaidao Fuyun, Keketuohai... September 16th is On the 61st day of their trip around China, their footsteps stopped in Kanas, Xinjiang, and wandered in the beautiful autumn scenery. Time was rushing. It was summer and it was autumn. Today, our story starts from the 43rd day of the trip. After communication, the Xinjiang Hami Health and Health Commission learned that there were still a few days before the ban was lifted in Hami, so after discussion, everyone decided to temporarily adjust the route and drove to southern Inner Mongolia to experience the "Long River Sunset Yuan" in Badain Jaran and Tengger Desert. Fortunately, the warriors found it. When I saw the heart-like red Haizi, I also felt a different style in the depths of the desert. The rippling waves of clear water were more than the autumn wind and the long-lasting spring. Yinchuan Ningxia Tan sheep is undoubtedly the "king of sheep". High-end ingredients often only require the simplest dish. A boiled lamb rib in white water may seem bland, but it is plump, juicy, full of meat, and has a thick taste. Originally planned for September 3 Entering Xinjiang, but considering the strength of the epidemic prevention in Xinjiang, Hami, who has just lifted the ban, is better to delay entry for a few days. Everyone decided to slowly enter Xinjiang along the Hexi Corridor. The first stop is Shandan Military Horse Farm, and the second one is Zhangye. After punching in the colorful Danxia Later, I went to Guazhou to prepare for the entry into Xinjiang. On the 51st day of the trip around China, the warriors successfully entered Xinjiang. Although it was ten days later than the original plan, they went all the way and turned around, but after all, "the sky is clear." After the ban was lifted, Hami showed again The surging traffic on Vitality Street and the shops are basically open. To celebrate the smooth entry into Xinjiang, the warriors’ dinner was lamb leg pilaf. After a day’s rest in Hami, the warriors drove to the Dahai Road, which is the most deserted sea in many years. There is no camping in the core area of ​​​​the entire scenic area. God seems to feel this quiet, so there is no wind in the sunset, and the sunrise is quiet. It coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Although the warriors can't get together with their relatives and friends, they are fortunately in the same sky. Let’s enjoy a full moon (Sunday) on the 55th day of driving around China on September 11. The warriors entered the northern Xinjiang and entered Altay. This is the earliest place in Xinjiang to welcome autumn. The Keketuohai Scenic Area has transformed into a gorgeous picture The oil painting of Fuhai County, which shares a sky, is not to be outdone. The golden cucumber fruit waiting to be harvested tells us the arrival of autumn. The tip of the feather on the rooster's tail is the hero's 185 frontier defense regiment. This place shows the strength and stability of the country. It also allowed the warriors to appreciate the vastness and beauty of the mountains and rivers of the motherland. I was moved by the beautiful scenery along the way. I took a picture of the ideal sunrise at Moon Bay on the way from the 185th regiment to Habahe County, and then plunged into the autumn fairy tale of Kanas every day. wake up every At a glance, it's all new. Their stories are still going on... The fifth, sixth and seventh stages of the China Dream Journey are registering.

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