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"Fugitive Housewives" Su Min: After running away for half her life, she still gets divorced when she returns

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"Fugitive Housewives" Su Min: After running away for half her life, she still gets divorced when she returns

The title is not an exaggeration, yes, she has only been away for 2 years, but the capacity of these 2 years is enough to support the first half of her life. As you may have guessed, the wolf is talking about Su Min, a Henan aunt. She is 58 years old this year. She is now a celebrity who can be searched at any time, an internet celebrity with more than 2 million fans on the Internet, and a representative of the rise of women in their later years. Two years ago, when she was 56 years old, it was the watershed of her destiny-(1) Before the age of 56, it can be counted as the first half of her life, and after the age of 56, it is the second half of her life. This score may not be accurate, but it is quite accurate in terms of human hostile change nodes. Before the age of 56, she was the epitome of thousands of housewives, ordinary, ordinary, and her life was dull. That's all, it's okay, unfortunately, she has one more tragic reminder than other housewives: her marriage is extremely unfortunate. Her husband abused her domestically, which was confirmed by her daughter. The daughter said that in addition to taking action against her mother, her father would torture her mentally and control her financially. Even when my mother usually buys food, she has to explain it to her father. Su Min's initial struggle was to go out to work to earn money and maintain her daughter's tuition and living expenses by herself. To this end, she worked several jobs at the same time, picked bricks at construction sites, delivered newspapers to newspapers, and worked in supermarkets... In the eyes of her daughter, her mother was a cowardly character, and in the face of her father's indifference and bullying, she would only be resigned. independent personality. This situation has not changed in the slightest until the daughter gets married and has children. Later, Su Min, who had been upgraded to a grandmother, suffered from depression. At the worst, she stabbed herself 5 times with a knife. Just when she was on the verge of collapse, a second way of fighting popped into her mind, fleeing. In September 2020, she drove a car alone "abandoning her husband and daughter" and went far away. (The situation when Aunt Su set sail two years ago) At that time, of course, she did not dare to have poetry in her eyes, only the distance. (2) In 2 years, the footprint covers 80,000 kilometers and dozens of cities. She has seen too many unimaginable scenery in the dead end of marriage, and experienced too many people and things. 2 is greater than the 56 years she had lived before. Maybe we have seen too many people who are submissive in unfortunate marriages, so when there is such a "bold" aunt, people are happy to send her applause and blessings. She actually has fans, and she gathers more and more. At present, she has more than 2 million fans on the whole platform. Before she knew it, she became a celebrity. She even got on the podium. She said - "The first half of my life was like being stuck in a tunnel and couldn't see the light; then I chased it until she appeared, so beautiful and so free. In fact, everyone can emit a faint light. , even in the dark, don't let it go out." This means that when there is a distance, there is also poetry. More importantly, there is money too! The "bed car" converted from an economical car at the beginning has already been upgraded to a brand-new high-end RV. In just 2 years, the changes brought to this daring old lady blinded everyone. (3) On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Su Min's RV drove home. After the car drove into Henan, she wanted to turn around and leave several times. Just because she was worried. For 2 years, her husband has not called her once. Will the cold and depressing home become warmer because of her absence for two years? She was afraid. Afraid of what to do, seeing her husband after a two-year absence, he even threw a bowl at her and roared: Do you still know how to come back? Can't get along outside? He even asked her to pay back the money, because the ETC he handled was bound to the car she drove when she first set off, which was recharged by him, and his money was spent on tolls. The decision to divorce is rock solid! This decision began to torture her in the past two years or even earlier, and even on the way home, she repeatedly asked herself: If I can see a little change in him when I go back this time, what is this marriage? Can't you just leave? But now, she knew that she thought too much, and he would not change. This is divorced. If he doesn't agree, then she files for divorce. After the divorce, she will travel again and give the rest of her life to Shanshui. (4) In the face of an unhappy marriage, it is not too late to run away at the age of 56. This is the sigh of Aunt Su to the wolf. Well, I won't mention the wonderfulness of Aunt Su, I want to "pity" her husband. Compared to Aunt Su, who only "fleeed" to see the world at the age of 56, her husband has never seen the world, which is doomed to his pity. When he saw his wife come back, he thought she came back because she couldn't get along outside. It shows that he not only never cared about her, but also never paid attention to her, he is completely out of touch with this era. Otherwise, he should know what it means to be a blogger with nearly 2 million followers on a certain sound. It means a wealth that he can't even dream of! Of course he didn't know that the yellow-faced woman in his eyes now has an agent and a video editor (it is said that they are her son-in-law and daughter respectively), and she is no longer the one who always asked him to buy vegetables. The hard-pressed woman to report! Sadly, he doesn't know. The furthest distance between husband and wife is that I am already a rich woman in capital letters, yet you have the courage to ask me for that little money in ETC. I guess the reason why Aunt Su is determined to divorce this time is that in addition to her old grudge against her husband, she also has a great sense of humiliation in an instant - she has changed so much, and he still ignores her! Her inner subtext is: Why do you look down on me? Why do you always stand tall in front of me? Why do you think I can only work hard for the rest of my life? Why do you think I can't live without you? Well, my mother will prove it to you, divorce. This is a lesson, a husband and wife, no matter if they are in love or not, they should care more about each other and care about each other. When you are in love, knowing the pace of the other party can make yourself follow the steps and it is convenient for you to walk together; when you can't survive, you know the other party's weight, know yourself and the enemy, so that you won't make big jokes during the game. Of course, in the position of Aunt Su, the inspiration is: the best way to retaliate for always neglecting you, despising you and humiliating your spouse is to take advantage of the other party's inadvertent rebirth, and use it to be wonderful and elegant that she can't even dream of. slap in the face.

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