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Guangdong's comfortable landscape city is hidden so deeply

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Guangdong's comfortable landscape city is hidden so deeply

#HeaderCreationChallenge# If you want to select "the city with the least sense of existence in Guangdong", then the common nominated cities must be: Yunfu, Yangjiang, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Jieyang... But in fact, it is always misunderstood as "county" In Yangjiang, there is Hailing Island, one of the "Top Ten Most Beautiful Islands in China"; in Jiangmen, there are Kaiping Diaolou and "Bird's Paradise" in textbooks; in Zhaoqing, there are Dinghu Mountain and Qixingyan; as for Jieyang, Danghe Chaozhou, When Shantou formed "Chaoshan", the sense of existence was instantly full. Even Yunfu, the youngest city in Guangdong, has no sense of existence because there is no epidemic in 2020, but it has a sense of existence. Speaking of this, do you remember that a city without a sense of existence was missed? "Guangdong · Heyuan" 01 Heyuan without a sense of existence is the "Hometown of Chinese Dinosaurs". As the fourth largest city in Guangdong, Heyuan occupies such a large area on the map, but it has a very low sense of existence. As the locals say, in terms of "the city with the lowest presence in Guangdong", even if Heyuan does not compete for the first place, it is always in the top three. However, to say that Heyuan has no sense of existence in all aspects, it is not. At least one thing, Heyuan has a sense of existence, that is - dinosaur eggs. If it is said that in Xi'an, a shovel is full of cultural relics, then in Heyuan, a small town in Guangdong, a shovel is full of dinosaur eggs. This is the "Hometown of Chinese Dinosaurs", the Heyuan Dinosaur Museum, which has the largest collection of dinosaur eggs in the world; the number of dinosaur fossils has exceeded 20,000, breaking the Guinness World Record. Standing on this land, thinking back hundreds of millions of years ago, it was probably a "Jurassic Dinosaur Kingdom". 02 The seemingly unremarkable Heyuan is the most beautiful city in Guangdong. To say Heyuan, what famous mountains and rivers are there, many friends may not remember for a while. However, Heyuan, which looks "unremarkable", is actually the only prefecture-level city in Guangdong with first-class water quality, first-class air, and first-class forests; it has been rated as: National Garden City, China's Excellent Tourism City, National Sanitary City, and Guangdong Province Civilized City , National Demonstration Zone for Ecological Protection and Construction, China's High-quality Drinking Water Resources Development Base, China's Top 20 Cities for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction... Sitting on the largest lake in South China: Wanlu Lake, with a forest coverage rate of 72%, the water environment quality continues to grow Ranked first in the province! There are more than 80 large and small parks, with a per capita park green space of 13.39 square meters, 250 meters to see green, 500 meters to see gardens. What many people may not know is that Heyuan may not be prosperous enough, but it silently bears the heavy responsibility of being the main source of drinking water for the 40 million people in Guangdong and Hong Kong, rejecting all polluting enterprises. You must know that the industrial output value of Qiandao Lake, the "sister lake" of Wanlv Lake, reaches 6 billion, while the industrial output value of Wanlv Lake is almost zero. 03 The low-key "Little Transparent" Heyuan is a Hakka ancient city with a history of more than 2,000 years. It is believed that many Heyuan people who go out have experienced such embarrassing moments-every time they tell others that they are "Hakka", Often asked: "So are you from Meizhou or Huizhou?" In fact, Heyuan, with a history of more than 2,000 years, is one of the birthplaces of Hakka. The landscapes here are scattered with peach-like ancient Hakka villages; among them, Linzhai Ancient Village has more than 200 four-cornered buildings that are as famous as Tulou and Weilongwu. There are also many authentic Hakka flavors hidden here, and people who have visited it praised it as "the jewel of the food industry". Perhaps the Heyuan located in the deep mountains is too indifferent to the world. The development of modern society has not made it lose its original Hakka flavor. In the countryside here, you can still see many Hakka customs. Whether it is the intangible cultural heritage of Guangdong Province: the faithful lanterns, or the lanterns that were also very popular for a while, or the dragon and lion dances, Hakka folk songs, they all have a strong Hakka color. But when Meizhou became the "Hakka Capital of the World" and Ganzhou became the "Cradle of Hakka", Heyuan was too "Buddhist" and only earned the title of "Hakka Ancient Town". Heyuan has really been neglected for too long; but this city of mountains and rivers has to be seen. 04 The Heyuan landscape that I missed in those years turned out to be so beautiful! It takes 48 minutes to go to Heyuan by high-speed train, and only 2 hours to Guangzhou. However, not many people put Heyuan on their travel list. The neglected Heyuan is actually a treasure. Heyuan, the source of the three rivers, is just like its name, with beautiful mountains and rivers; people who have been there will never forget the beautiful mountains, waters and fresh air here. The Wanlu Lake here is the largest lake in South China: Some people say that the scenery here, "the gods shed tears when they see it", the lake is green, there is no pollution in the slightest, and the scenery is not as beautiful as the world. Heyuan is also a veritable mountain city, with 126 peaks over 1,000 meters tall; almost every Heyuan person has a mountain, big or small, in front of the door. The Quya Mountain here is also called "Windmill Mountain". The top of the mountain is covered with clouds and mist all year round. The cloud waterfall is comparable to Niubei Mountain in Sichuan. It is a good place for photography and sightseeing. The Huoshan here is a secret place in Danxia that does not lose to the Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan; Su Shi once praised: "Huoshan is surrounded by lush greenery, and its potential is the first peak in Xunzhou"; if you like excitement, you must come and visit here. Glass plank road; the plank road is built along the mountain, with cliffs at the foot and beautiful scenery in front of you. The first peak of Heyuan: Guishan, there is also a glass bridge, you can walk among the mountains and rivers and experience the wildness. If you are interested in history and culture, you may wish to take a walk in Yuewang Mountain. According to legend, after Zhao Tuo climbed this mountain, he had lofty ambitions and established himself as the king, so he had the King of Nanyue who started the Lingnan civilization. 05 When you are free, come to Heyuan Xiaozhu to put a fake Heyuan for your body and mind. It is a good place for vacation. Come here, you can feel the European style between the mountains and rivers in the Bavarian manor. You can also learn about the humanities and customs of Hakka in Heyuan Hakka World; or visit the ancient Hakka village where the descendants of Su Dongpo lived: Sujiawei; Idyllic scenery. Or walk into the city of Tuo to explore the memory of the city. When Zhao Tuo brought farming civilization to this area more than 2,000 years ago, the source of the river was up and down in the long river of history. Longchuan County in Heyuan is known as "an ancient town in the Qin Dynasty, a famous city in the Han and Tang Dynasties"; walking into the thousand-year-old Tuo City here, there are flavors left over from history everywhere. When you have nothing to do, you can also take a stroll in the city and feel the slow pace of leisurely life in this Lingnan old town. In the evening, take a walk in Taiping Ancient Street, and then take a look at the once tallest fountain in Asia. The night view is dreamy and beautiful. Of course, when you come to Heyuan, how can you miss all kinds of delicacies: Heyuan Rice Noodles, Pig Feet Noodles, Hakka Stuffed Tofu, Zijin Ba Dao Soup, Dongjiang Salt Baked Chicken, Zijin Radish Bun, Pan-fried Radish Bun, Jiuzhongpi, Wuzhi Mao Peach Soup, Wuzhi Mao Peach-flavored chicken... It's all worth trying to feel the Heyuan flavor on the tip of your tongue. △ Heyuan Rice Noodles △ Hakka Stuffed Tofu △ Dongjiang Shredded Chicken, the birthplace is Heyuan △ Zijin Radish Bun This is Heyuan, a livable city with beautiful mountains and waters. I believe that with the opening of the Shenzhen-Jiangxi high-speed railway at the end of last year, more and more friends will see Heyuan, come to Heyuan, and fall in love with Heyuan!

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