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Why is Putin so unhappy that he is not allowed to attend the Queen's funeral?

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Why is Putin so unhappy that he is not allowed to attend the Queen's funeral?

Yesterday, the British royal family announced the list of heads of state invited to attend the funeral of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II, without the names of the leaders of Russia and Belarus. You must know that after the death of the Queen, Russian President Vladimir Putin was almost the first country leader to send a message of condolences on the whole earth. Moreover, what he sent was not an ordinary message of condolences. Between the lines, he expressed his deep respect and condolences to the Queen. Therefore, after being informed that he was not invited, Russian officials said that it was "very immoral" that the United Kingdom did not invite Putin to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral. At present, Russia's "special military operation" against Ukraine has been going on for more than half a year, and the two countries are torn apart with heavy casualties. After the war started, the British expressed their opposition to the speed at which Russia launched the war, which was basically the same as the speed at which Putin sent a message of condolence to the Queen. It was the first time. The United Kingdom is also one of the most unequivocally opposed to Russia countries in the entire Western country, except for the United States. Moreover, the United Kingdom has also supported a large number of weapons in Ukraine, and the former Prime Minister John has visited Kyiv many times and plotted with Zelensky to counterattack Russia in the small dark room. There is also a large number of Ukrainian soldiers undergoing military training in the UK, preparing to fight a protracted war with Russia. According to ordinary people's thinking, the two countries, Russia and the United Kingdom, have entered a state of war. The Queen of England is dead, and the Russian people should celebrate! Even if the deceased is a big one, and they don't celebrate, they wouldn't be so anxious to send condolences, right? ! It’s okay to send condolences, and you don’t want to go to the funeral so much, right? ! Not to mention that people will still be angry if they refuse, right? ! why? According to the Russian side, the mothers of the last Tsar Nicholas II and the then British Emperor George V were two sisters, that is to say, the Russian emperor and the British emperor were cousins. Is it immoral that someone in your cousin's family is dead and you don't allow him to go to the funeral? However, what the Russians didn't mention is: George V's buddy, Tsar Nicholas II, was beheaded by you in the great revolution of 1917! In fact, any cousins ​​are all bullshit. An important reason why Russians attach so much importance to the Queen's funeral is the complicated love-hate relationship with Western civilization in Russian history. We all know that there is a double-headed eagle on the current national emblem of Russia. This was the emblem of the Byzantine Empire at first. In 1472, after the niece of the last Byzantine emperor Sophia married Ivan III, the Grand Duke of Moscow, this pattern was brought to Russia. In 1492, Metropolitan Zosima of Moscow stated in the "Resurrection Statement": Jerusalem is the birthplace and holy city of Christianity, Constantinople is the second Jerusalem, Moscow is the third Jerusalem, and is the real kingdom of God. . It was precisely because Ivan III and Sophia were married that the Russian royal family finally became relatives with the most noble family in Europe, and since then they have claimed the blood of Caesar of the Roman Empire. Therefore, later Russian emperors called themselves "Caesar", and the Russian translation of this name into Chinese means "Tsar". The specific shape of this symbol was established during the period of Peter I, Peter the Great. No matter how the Russians beautify their ancient history now, it is widely recognized in the world that Russia has gone from a weak serf-dominated country to a strong country because of its comprehensive learning from Western Europe from the time of Peter the Great. In 1883, Alexander II officially designated it as the national emblem, symbolizing the empire's hegemony of the East and the West at the same time. The double-headed eagle symbol of the Tsarist Russian Empire was abandoned in the Soviet era. In 1993, the Russian Federation re-established the legal status of the golden double-headed eagle as a national symbol. This double-headed eagle is the most important totem of Russia now, which represents Russia's glorious history and future ambition to dominate the Eurasian continent. The Byzantine double-headed eagle Russia, although most of its territory is in Asia, has never considered itself a European country. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, academician Likhachev, an important figure in Russian thought and culture, believed that Russian culture originated from Scandinavian culture in Northern Europe and Eastern Roman Empire-Byzantine culture, while Scandinavian culture was very important to ancient civilizations. Ross was especially influential. He even coined a new term: Scandoslavia (Скандославия), which is Scandinavian (Сканденавия) plus Slavic (Славяне). Kozyrev, Russia's first foreign minister, also said: "From the point of view of historical inclination, cultural superiority, value orientation and civilization, Russians are a European nation." Russia and the West "will make every effort to advocate a common values". From the above statements, it is not difficult to find that the Russian theories are still based on the foundation and narrative methods of Western European civilization. They always seek common ground with Western Europe in terms of culture, religion, language, and even ethnic and blood ties. point. Maybe that's why Putin is so anxious to attend the Queen's funeral, after all the people he thinks are civilized. Although the history of Russia is complicated, it can be summed up in one sentence as a process of constant struggle between learning Western civilization and adhering to its own culture. The Russians' love-hate attitude towards Western civilization is manifested in their desire to use their kinship with the West to prove their nobility and legality, but at the same time they do not want to be completely Westernized. In addition to thinking that Moscow is Jerusalem, in the 1500s, the elder of the Moscow Pskov monastery, Pherofiy, also proposed that "Moscow is the third Rome". Therefore, there is also a view in Russian culture that oneself is the savior and wants to save the whole world. The specific operation is that in ancient times, while marrying the last princess of the Roman Empire and learning from Western Europe, while waiting for one's own strength to start a war against Europe. In modern times, it's a war with Ukraine, while wanting to attend the funeral of the Queen of England. The ancients said: Although a country is big, it will perish if it is warlike. Some people in Russia may have forgotten that although the tsars of the past dynasties have expanded their territories through wars, even the Romanov dynasty of tsarist Russia with tens of thousands of troops was eventually dragged down by the war.


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