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The medium and high risk areas in Qushui County, Lhasa City are cleared!

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The medium and high risk areas in Qushui County, Lhasa City are cleared!

Since August 23, under the strong leadership of the district and municipal Party committees and governments, as well as the Qushui County Party Committee and County Government, with the joint efforts of the Party, government, army, police and people in the county, and with the support and cooperation of the vast number of residents, the whole county has Adhering to the general strategy of "preventing imports from abroad and preventing rebound from within" and the general policy of "dynamic clearing", we will remain unwavering, unite and work hard, unite as one, and strictly implement strict control measures across the region. So far, there have been no new positive infections in the society for 25 consecutive days. . On August 27, the society was cleared, and on September 7, normal production and life order was restored in an orderly manner. On September 16, the county's high school risk areas were cleared. The epidemic prevention and control achieved phased results. Such achievements are gratifying! The clearing of the risk zone does not mean the end of the epidemic. At present, the epidemic risk in Qushui County still exists. As the surrounding areas (cities) and counties (districts) gradually restore production and living order in an orderly manner, the flow of people gradually increases. In addition, Qushui County is located along the 318 National Highway, connecting Lhasa to Shigatse, Shannan, etc. The only way for the land to be passed is that the task of "defending against imports from the outside and preventing rebounds from within" is still arduous. All cadres and the masses are requested to continue to tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely overcome paralysis, war weariness, and fluke mentality, adhere to standard wearing masks, maintain a safe social distance, pay attention to personal hygiene, ventilate frequently, wash hands frequently, do not gather, do not get together , actively cooperate with the prevention and control management, strictly implement the "one scan and three checks" (scan the site code, check the temperature, check the health code, check the negative nucleic acid certificate), and jointly consolidate the hard-won results of epidemic prevention and control. Before the fight against the epidemic, everyone was a fighter. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the cadres and the masses who fought bravely, to the medical staff in white clothes and armor, to the party members and cadres who fought day and night, to the volunteers who volunteered, and to the caring people from all walks of life who made selfless dedication. Respect! The picture of beauty, vitality and happiness Qushui will be more colorful! Source: Qushui Online Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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