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A little bit of light can become a sea of ​​stars! Let stranded tourists feel the "Shigatse temperature"

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A little bit of light can become a sea of ​​stars! Let stranded tourists feel the "Shigatse temperature"

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Shigatse City has firmly established the concept of "tourists first", and set up special teams and special work classes in a timely manner. Special personnel are responsible, special personnel to serve, and special personnel to guarantee, thinking about what tourists think and worrying about tourists' needs, and serving with "five hearts". We will do our best to ensure the services for tourists stranded in our city and the work related to their departure and return from Tibet, so that stranded tourists can feel the "Shigatse temperature" and ensure worry-free during the "epidemic". As of September 15, a total of more than 13,800 stranded tourists have been transported, and a small number of tourists are currently stranded. Some tourists plan to return after the epidemic is over or after completing their travel plans. The voice of the stranded tourists and the service with heart and heart Strictly implement the 14 service guarantee measures for stranded personnel, refine the list of service measures, formulate 11 prevention and control measures for accommodation units during the epidemic period, organize party members and volunteers to assist the hotel in providing tourist services, and provide services for stranded tourists. Staff provide accommodation and meals free of charge. Actively strive for the opening of air passages, and coordinate the opening of flights from Shigatse to Xi'an, Chengdu, Yibin and other places in different time periods to ensure that tourists stranded outside the area leave Tibet in an orderly manner. The stranded tourists' voices and careful services have produced a basic information table for stranded tourists in Shigatse, and organized personnel to accurately count the basic conditions, basic medical history, nucleic acid testing, origin, return final destination, and planned travel methods of stranded tourists in the city. According to different needs, Measures are formulated on a case-by-case basis to ensure that "no one is missed". Set up service classes for four special groups of the elderly, minors, pregnant women, and those with underlying diseases, dynamically grasp the demands of the "four groups", improve the "one person, one policy" measure, and provide tracking service guarantees. We will establish WeChat service groups for tourists, such as nucleic acid testing, return trips, meal coordination, material security, and out-of-flight services, by categories, and designate a person to be in charge of the group, answer questions online in a timely manner, and coordinate and solve problems. Enthusiastic Service continued to carry out the "Delivery Service Guarantee Door-to-Door" campaign, issued more than 1,500 business cards for tourism services, actively coordinated and solved urgently needed supplies for stranded tourists, sent cold clothing to the elderly, distributed more than 25,000 N95 masks, and delivered yak meat. Dry, small snacks and other love gift packs. Coordinated 4 medical experts to assist Tibet to form a medical service team to carry out consultation services, opened green channels for drug purchases, and tried every means to help tourists with special drug needs such as depression and epilepsy to buy drugs from outside the district, and carried out more than 100 medical deliveries in total , issued 1376 boxes of various drugs. Especially on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we send holiday condolence letters and moon cakes to tourists and friends in the city. Careful services have opened a green channel for nucleic acid testing, giving priority to ensuring nucleic acid testing of stranded tourists, connecting relevant departments to transfer codes for qualified tourists in a timely manner, coordinating airlines to purchase tickets for older tourists who cannot buy tickets, and helping passengers onboard to review nucleic acid testing in advance information, and provide "point-to-point" closed-loop drop-off service. Improve the transfer mechanism for outbound tourists, provide "family" home health monitoring and resettlement points for outbound tourists, and make every effort to provide service guarantees for outbound tourists. The leaders of the patient service city took the lead in visiting the door, explaining policies and comforting some emotionally unstable tourists face to face. Open a tourism service hotline, organize a special person to answer tourists' questions, arrange a special person to follow up on the mental state by phone every day, patiently explain the relevant policies of epidemic prevention and control, and answer tourists' doubts. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a total of more than 1,100 stranded tourists have been comforted, more than 500 psychological counseling has been carried out, and more than 1,500 tourists' various demands have been resolved, winning the understanding, support and praise of the majority of tourists. Some tourists were reluctant to leave when they returned, some sent us anti-epidemic materials after returning, some agreed to revisit Shigatse after the epidemic, some invited to travel to their hometowns, and some tourists called and texted to thank us, and also Some tourists have sent letters of thanks... Source: Shigatse Everest Party Building WeChat Official Account Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor-in-chief: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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