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The 55-year-old Gong man from Hubei Province took out the 20-year-old wine from the full moon wine, and the valuation was as high as one million

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The 55-year-old Gong man from Hubei Province took out the 20-year-old wine from the full moon wine, and the valuation was as high as one million

Hubei people especially like to drink, no matter where they are or what they are doing, in short, two or two small drinks are unavoidable. Compared with doing business, Hubei people not only drink a lot, but also have a good grasp of liquor collection, and they also have their own opinions in collecting liquor. For example, before collecting liquor, they will look at the current status What is the price in the market? If the price is high, and it is Maotai-flavored liquor, then this wine undoubtedly has a high collection value. At the same time, when they are storing wine, they like to choose the environment extremely high, because in their opinion, if a wine is not very strict in the selection of the environment, the wine will be "off-the-beaten-path" when it is drunk. "At the same time, if a wine is "off-flavor", it goes without saying that everyone should know that this wine is basically "abandoned". Speaking of which, I think many wine lovers will ask, Hubei people like to collect liquor so much, is this liquor really so valuable? You know, in the past, although many people said that baijiu was valuable, when it was sold, there would only be a few more wines, and even the time spent on collection could not be earned back. As for whether the collection of liquor is valuable or not, you can actually read this news that has been very hot in the liquor circle. Recently, a 55-year-old old man Gong in Hubei took out a 20-year-old cellared wine on his grandson's full moon wine. Just when many people thought that this wine was just an ordinary wine, they never expected the sharp-eyed people to recognize that this wine is actually valued at one million in today's liquor market. Hubei Gong Laohan took out the wine that was collected for 20 years on the full moon wine, and it was none other than the Maotai wine produced by the Maotai winery. The price of Maotai has always been high, which is well known, especially the longer the collection of Maotai, this The price is undoubtedly getting higher and higher, so some wine lovers are eager to ask, Maotai has been collecting it for 20 years, and the valuation is as high as one million. In today's liquor market, is there any wine that is suitable for collection? There are always a few kinds of liquor in my country that are very cost-effective and suitable for collection, such as the following four sauce-flavored ration wines, each of which is currently a favorite of many wine lovers. ① Among the many liquors in Guizhou, if you want to say which wine can compete with Maotai, it must be this wine. Although the reputation of this wine is not as good as it used to be, the status of this wine in the sauce-flavor liquor circle has always been very high. The whole wine looks atmospheric, the color of the wine is good-looking, and it smells very fragrant. ②Xijiu Xijiu has always been known as the second place in Guizhou. Although many drinkers did not approve of it at the beginning, after drinking him, many people's views on Xijiu have undergone earth-shaking changes. The wine quality of Xijiu has always been online. When many drinkers drink Maotai liquor, besides Maotai, this Xijiu is undoubtedly the favorite drink. Although Maotai-flavored liquor is emerging in an endless stream, Xijiu has always been the first choice of many wine lovers when purchasing liquor. This wine is not only suitable for drinking, but also very suitable for collection. ③Yade imitation Taiwan wine is a Maotai-flavor liquor with a long brewing time and a long cellaring time. Yuande imitation Taiwan wine is the wine with the longest brewing time in the current Maotai-flavor liquor circle, not only this. It is also the only wine with more than 95% Feitian Moutai taste. Yuande imitation Taiwan wine uses high-quality red glutinous glutinous sorghum on the Chishui River in Maotai Town. After more than a year of brewing with sauce wine 12987 process, after the brewing is over, in order to make the wine volatile To be more thorough, it takes seven to fifteen years of cellaring to take shape. When you try to imitate Taiwanese wine, it is elegant, delicate, and full of mellow feeling. When you swallow it, the taste is very strong, and you feel comfortable when you smell it. Nowadays, when many people collect liquor, they like to collect this wine. ④Langjiu is a local liquor in Sichuan, and the only good Maotai-flavor liquor is undoubtedly this Langjiu. This wine tastes good and is of great quality. And it tastes stronger. ——Written at the end——After reading this issue, what kind of wine do you like to collect? You are welcome to leave a message in the comment area! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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