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Chongqing local tyrants flew to Liaoning for a banquet, and the "8 dishes and 2 wine" on the table was quite scary, local tyrants: Liaoning people are real

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Chongqing local tyrants flew to Liaoning for a banquet, and the "8 dishes and 2 wine" on the table was quite scary, local tyrants: Liaoning people are real

When you encounter a banquet, is this a beautiful thing or a "strong man's difficulty"? People who say going to a dinner party is a good thing, they like to socialize, they like to drink, and they like the atmosphere even more. So, what about going to a banquet "it's hard for a strong man"? Clearly, such people do not like to socialize, and perhaps not to drink. But the key is that he is reluctant to follow the ceremony. You must know that there are no free banquets in the world, and almost all banquets require courtesy. However, this is no longer a big deal. As long as you can get some purpose through the obedience, that's fine. Maybe everyone has different views on this, but the reality is this: all kinds of banquets today are not "pure" at all. Through a banquet, certain phenomena can be completely seen. No, a local tyrant from Chongqing flew to Liaoning for a banquet recently. Little did they know that the "8 dishes and 2 wines" on the table were quite scary. Afterwards, the local tyrant said bluntly: Liaoning people are real. So, what is the origin of these 8 dishes and 2 wines, and why are people from Liaoning so real? With doubts, let's take a closer look. A few days ago, a boss in Liaoning invited his friend Ma Kun, a local tyrant in Chongqing, to a banquet, saying that he wanted to give the girl a full moon. Ma Kun thought to himself: My friends have helped me a lot, so it's not fun not to go. In this way, Ma Kun prepared and set off with "sincerity". In order not to miss the full moon feast at a friend's house, Ma Kun flew directly to Liaoning. Depart in the morning and arrive at the destination at 10 am. Then I took a taxi to a friend's house. When I entered the door, I didn't expect a lot of people to come. After seeing it, the friend greeted him directly. After the two met, they chatted a lot, and even Ma Kun forgot one important thing, that is, the ceremony. After his friends were busy, Ma Kun went to take the gift. He looked at the gift list. The amount was not large, at most 5,000. For this reason, Ma Kun thought to himself that in order to save face for his friends and to win enough face for himself, he would make 10,000 yuan as soon as he made a move. When the people present saw it, their eyes turned to Ma Kun. Afterwards, he walked around and took a look at the banquet. Ma Kun has attended many banquets, but what he saw this time made people exclaim: Liaoning people are real! It's mainly these 8 dishes and 2 wines. Let's see what they have? The most attractive ones are Sauce Pork, Northeast Braised Vegetables, Chicken Stewed with Mushrooms, Sixi Balls, Mohe Stewed Fish, and Pot Pork. As for sauce elbow, as we all know, it is a must to make sauce elbow in Liaoning and other places. In addition to mastering the appropriate heat, the locals can also use unique dishes to season it. When it is done, it looks oily and rosy, and when you take a bite, it is tender, smooth and elastic, and the portion is full. As for the northeastern stewed vegetables, as the saying goes: give Northeasterners a pot, they can stew all over the world, so the stewed dishes they make are not only delicious, but also full of weight. Chicken stewed with mushrooms, this is one of the eight major stews in Northeast China. If you want to eat authentic, you have to come to Liaoning. When it was served, a large pot was filled with chicken nuggets and potatoes, which was really affordable. Not only did it look bright in color, but it also tasted dense and soft. Sixi balls are made in many places, but they are not as big and round as those in Liaoning. Of course, the meat is still pretty tight. After taking a sip, the rich meat aroma could not hide the expression of joy and satisfaction on his face. Mohe stewed fish, the ingredients are the fish in Mohe. Maybe people in Liaoning have different stewing methods, different dishes, and different flavors and colors. Let's talk about this pot of meat, which is a famous traditional food in the Northeast. Of course, it is not a pot of meat. The method is relatively simple, and the focus is on the choice of pork. Remember to use the pork loin from the pig to make the pot-packed meat delicious. Next, let's talk about these "2 wines", in the final analysis, it is 2 bottles of wine, named "Guokang 1935". Guokang 1935 is a newly brewed Daqu Kunsha Sauce Wine by Guokang Liquor in Maotai Town. Guokang 1935 has several advantages: First, the price, the unit price of a bottle of Guokang 1935 is about 100 yuan, which is almost the cheapest of all pure grain sauce wines; the second is the appearance. The milky white bottle of 1935 and the golden standard bottle label make it instantly high-grade; the third is the taste. Guokang 1935 is very close to Feitian Moutai in taste. , The mouth is elegant and long. If you are interested in pure grain sauce wine, this wine is the first choice. After all, this wine can be called "high quality and low price", what do you think friends? Please leave a comment if you have any opinion! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!


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