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The nouveau riche in Hebei flew to Zhejiang on a business trip. It cost 348 yuan for 2 people to order 3 dishes and 1 wine.

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The nouveau riche in Hebei flew to Zhejiang on a business trip. It cost 348 yuan for 2 people to order 3 dishes and 1 wine.

It is said that during the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a black shop at Shizipo, where people cheated, kidnapped, murdered, and committed all kinds of evil. Even the highly skilled flower monk Lu Zhishen almost got caught here. When Wu Song heard the news, he deliberately went to this black shop and pretended to be trapped by the drug. When the mother-in-law and the grandson Erniang wanted to do something wrong, Wu Song fought with him. When the battle was in full swing, Zhang Qing jumped out and said: Out of the relationship, Wu Song just gave up! The 27th episode of "Water Margin" tells the story of "black shops". I think many people are very impressed, and today, "black shops" still exist, although they will not hurt people's lives, but they must Bleeding a lot", making people hate it. No, a few days ago, there was a nouveau riche in Hebei who flew to Zhejiang on a business trip. He thought that he was unfamiliar with the place of life, and the nouveau riche would have to be scolded by the locals, but who knew that 2 people ordered 3 dishes and 1 wine, and they only spent 348 yuan, people exclaimed: It's not in vain! The protagonist of the story, surnamed Zou, lives in Luannan, Tangshan, Hebei Province. He is 57 years old this year. Lao Zou is a famous "upstart" nearby. He invested and opened a lot of restaurants. Just when everyone thought that Lao Zou would lose everything, Lao Zou made a lot of money and reached the pinnacle of his life! Not long ago, due to the needs of work, Lao Zou took his assistant and flew to Zhejiang in a hurry. After finishing the work, Lao Zou was in a good mood. He took his assistant to stroll around the place a few times. I immediately found a restaurant and planned to have a good meal and return to Hebei early the next morning. After a few chats with the waiter, the two took the menu and ordered dishes. Since Lao Zou was more frugal, the two only ordered 3 dishes. At the end, Lao Zou added two more bottles of wine and planned to let the assistant drink with him. Two cups, it seems that Lao Zou is very happy tonight. Lao Zou saw that the dishes and wine had been ordered, and everything was almost the same, so he asked the assistant to settle the bill. After a while, the assistant came to Lao Zou and said in a low voice, "Old Zou, you have made a lot of money. We ordered 3 dishes and 1 wine, and the bill was only 348 yuan. We thought we would be slaughtered by the restaurant. How could we know it would be such a good deal. Soon, the waiter came with the food and drinks. After everything was served, Lao Zou and his assistant had a thought in their hearts, that is: This trip is not in vain! What kind of food and drinks did the two of them order, so that the two of them who are not fond of mountain delicacies, especially Lao Zou, who is not poor in money, feel that they have not come for nothing today? Below, let's take a look.

Let's take a look at the drinks the two ordered:

Lao Zou usually travels on business, and the drinks they order are basically Moutai. But in the restaurant where the two of them came today, there was no Mao Wu on the menu, and the two didn't want to go out to buy it, so they ordered a bottle of "Yin De imitation Taiwanese wine". After pouring a cup and tasting it, the two exclaimed in surprise: Hey! It turned out that Yuande's imitation Taiwan wine was not well-known, but the wine was clear and yellowish, and the hops were full in size. After drinking it, the wine was mellow and delicate, which made the two realize that they had found a treasure and sighed. Lao Zou called the boss, and after inquiring, he learned that Yuande imitation Taiwan wine is a rising star in Guizhou. It is a pity that the winery is not good at publicity, which leads to the fact that not many people know about this wine.

Let's take a look at the 3 dishes ordered by the two:

The first dish: Dongpo Pork (52 pieces) Dongpo Meat, also known as Dongpo Braised Meat and Rolled Meat, is one of the representatives of Zhejiang cuisine. It is said that Dongpo Meat was invented by Su Shi. During the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Shi was the governor of Hangzhou at that time. He was loved by the local people because of his merits in controlling the water. Once, the local people sent meat to Su Shi spontaneously. Cut it into pieces, simmer it and distribute it to the people. Because Su Shi is known as a layman in Dongpo, people named it "Dongpo Pork". Dongpo Pork is a half-fat and half-thin pork belly cooked with ingredients. It has the characteristics of agate color, fat but not greasy taste. However, Dongpo Pork is a little greasy, so obese people should not be greedy~ Second Dishes: West Lake Vinegar Fish (108 RMB) Comes to Zhejiang, if you don't try the authentic West Lake Vinegar Fish, then you will come to Zhejiang for nothing. West Lake vinegar fish originated in the Song Dynasty, also known as "Songsao Fish". It is said that it was invented by a female chef during the Southern Song Dynasty. Because of her marriage to the fifth son of the Song family, people called it "Songsao Fish Soup". The West Lake Vinegar Fish is mainly made of local grass carp, supplemented by Shaoxing wine, minced ginger, vinegar, and sugar, and is slowly steamed over low heat. It tastes sweet and sour, and the meat is delicious and unique. It belongs to the fragrant pastry in the eyes of many Zhejiang people. . The third dish: Yue chicken in clear soup (40 RMB) The third dish ordered by Lao Zou is the local specialty of Shaoxing - clear soup and Yue wine! There are many opinions about the history of this dish. Some people say that it originated in the Spring and Autumn Period, and some people say that it originated in the Warring States Period. Why is this dish called Viet Nam Chicken in Clear Soup? In fact, this is because, during the Spring and Autumn Period, Yuewan kept a large number of chickens, which were originally used for ornamental purposes. It was produced in the Yue Palace, so people called it "Yue Chicken". The clear soup Yue Chicken is made of local special chicken species, with ham slices, mushrooms, shochu and other condiments. The above is the 3 dishes and 1 wine ordered by Lao Zou. I wonder what everyone thinks? In addition, when you are away from home, everyone must be careful, and don't be fooled by some profiteers. Well, we will meet you next time! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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