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How many of these 5 must-visit internet celebrity neighborhoods in Guiyang have you visited? Let's take a look

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How many of these 5 must-visit internet celebrity neighborhoods in Guiyang have you visited? Let's take a look

The city is so big, there are always some places you haven't checked in, and there are always some streets and alleys worth exploring. The city of Guiyang, hidden in the mountains and rivers, is also the first stop to visit Guizhou. In this small town of Guiyang, there are streets and alleys full of surprises and treasures. In every street and alley, countless stories are being staged every day. How many of these five must-visit Internet celebrity neighborhoods in Guiyang have you been to? Let's have a look! The five must-see Internet celebrity streets in Guiyang are: Taiping Road, Radio Street, Qingyun Road, Zhongshan West Road, and Huaxi Cross Street.

1. Taiping Road

Taiping Road is a popular Internet celebrity neighborhood in Guiyang, and it is also a mecca for taking pictures and punching cards. This place is not only beautiful to take pictures, but also a paradise for eating, drinking, and having fun. The styles of various shops are very diverse, including small fresh, Japanese, British, European and American styles. They are super stylish. I really like the atmosphere here! If you also like street photography and food, then Taiping Road, an excellent Internet celebrity street, must not miss it~

2. Radio Street

Radio Street is the most literary alley in Guiyang, hidden in the bustling city, but it has the unique charm of the old street. This street of several hundred meters carries the memories of countless people and is full of literature and art. Every shop in Radio Street is easy to visit. There are many authentic gourmet shops and many interesting shops. It is the collision of fireworks and literary atmosphere. Do you like such a small and fresh Radio Street?

3. Qingyun Road

Qingyun Road is a famous night market food street in Guiyang, which is full of memories of Guiyang people. The renovated Qingyun Road has become Qingyun Market. Guiyang-specific snacks can be found in Qingyun Market. There are also many trendy drinks and niche trend shops. Fashion, cyber, sci-fi, and futuristic sense can all be felt here. , and walk the streets here with friends. Whether it is day or night, Qingyun Market is very lively~

4. West Zhongshan Road

West Zhongshan Road is young The subway Internet celebrity street that people must check in, here you can see the elements of traditional Chinese culture, and also integrate the customs of Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and European countries, scenes with Chinese and Western elements, take pictures and punch cards, and super film! The giant special effect canopy will bring you a different sense of experience, and it is also very colorful~ Of course, there are also so many delicious food here, I can't eat it~

5. Huaxi Cross Street

The cross street next to Huaxi Park is one of the oldest streets in Huaxi. After renovation and upgrading, the old streets and alleys of Huaxi Cross Street are now taller. Good looks, rich in content. Strolling on the cross street, 9 streets and alleys, each with its own characteristics, you can meet surprises at every corner, feel the city memory of the retro old city of Guiyang, taste the food atmosphere of the fireworks world, bring your own movie feeling, romantic and literary. These Internet celebrity streets in Guiyang are delicious and fun, and taking pictures is also very good~ worth a visit! After the epidemic is over, you must not miss these 5 treasure streets when you visit Guiyang. Let’s collect them first! Disclaimer: 1. The pictures are from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author; 2. There is no necessary connection between the text and the picture, and it is only for readers' reference; 3. We focus on personal learning and sharing, and do not make any commercial use or profit. It is impossible to contact the copyright owner one by one due to non-original views or pictures. If the original author or editor thinks that the work should not be online for everyone to browse, or should not be used for free, please contact us in time to notify us to delete it, so as to avoid losses to both parties.
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