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Guide to the most beautiful scenic spots by car from Zhaoqing

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Guide to the most beautiful scenic spots by car from Zhaoqing

Zhaoqing City is a tourist city with an underdeveloped economy. It may only be at the level of fourth- to fifth-tier cities in Guangdong Province, but its beautiful mountains, rivers and beautiful scenery can be called a must in the world! Moreover, Zhaoqing has a simple and simple folk style, and people are in harmony with each other. There are not so many 'alerts' in this room, there are warm-hearted neighbors everywhere, and there are special local delicacies everywhere, where you can play, eat and live. It is indeed a city with warmth and a sense of belonging! We drove to Zhaoqing this weekend! 1. Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall was built in Song Zhenghe three years. There are blue bricks from the Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and Republic of China dynasties on the city wall, with nine different specifications, which is the evidence of many repairs in history, and can be called a "brick museum". The city wall of the Song Dynasty had four gates: Song Chong in the east, Zhennan in the west, Duanxi in the south, and Chaotian in the north. National key units. 2. Shangqing Bay During the Wanli period of Ming Dynasty, Matteo Ricci, Luo Mingjian and others were very interested in Shangqing Bay, they often praised the beautiful scenery on the other side, and even crossed the river to preach. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, a Catholic Church was established in Shangqing Bay. Transportation: The first bridge over the Xijiang River crosses the south bank and goes up the river from the bottom of the bridge. 3. Yanzhou Island The island is in the Xijiang River, surrounded by rivers on all sides, like a Duan inkstone floating in the river. The name of Yanzhou Island is derived from the legend of Bao Zheng's "throwing an inkstone into an island". . There are many historical sites on the island, and the beaches are all over. You can ride bicycles, barbecue, camp, and field battles. 4. At the foot of Lanke Mountain in Wenshukeng, on the Antelope Gorge, it is a natural refuge, far away from the hustle and bustle, and it is difficult to fly. Transportation: Go up to the end along the river embankment at Luoyin Wharf in Dinghu Lake, which is Houli Dalongshu Wharf. It is necessary to rent a boat to cross the Wenshu Pit (about 100 yuan per boat, which can seat 20 people). It is recommended that someone who is familiar with the route lead the group. 5. Qixingyan, also known as Xinghu Lake, is named after the arrangement of its peaks that resembles the Big Dipper. The seven limestone peaks are named Langfeng, Yuping, Shishi, Tianzhu, Toad, Xianzhang and Apo from east to west. These majestic limestone peaks are surrounded by mountains on one side and surrounded by water on three sides. The lake area is more than 7,000 mu, and the willow embankment is more than 20 kilometers long. Marshal Ye Jianying's poem praised: "Borrowing a circle of water from the West Lake will move the Qidui Mountains in Yangshuo. The willows will be added along the embankment, and the picture will remain in the world!" Walking in the Qixingyan Scenic Area, all the miscellaneous things will be forgotten and left behind. What it gives you is relaxation and quietness of the mind, if you don't believe it, try it! Address: 4 kilometers north of Zhaoqing City Tickets: 78 yuan; set ticket 110 yuan; (Qixingyan 60 yuan/person; Dinghu Mountain 60 yuan/person); boat ticket 20 yuan On the east side of Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City, the source of the main stream of Jiukeng River Reservoir in Fenghuang Town, Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City, is connected with Dinghu Mountain Scenic Area, with an area of ​​145 hectares. Huangjingou is 28 kilometers away from Zhaoqing, connected to Dinghu Mountain in the west, 10 kilometers away from Dinghu Mountain National Nature Reserve, adjacent to Hulu Mountain in the east and Zhenshan Mountain in the north. It is named "Golden Ditch" because the local villagers used to mine sand and dig gold here. The planned area of ​​the forest park is 441.3 hectares, covering a total area of ​​6,617 mu. The area of ​​Tianhu Lake is about 3.33 hectares. There are more than 2,000 kinds of plants, showing people the mysteries of nature. Huangjingou Ecological Scenic Spot is characterized by "Golden Valley, Tianhu Mountain and Spring" as its scenic resources. The green forest environment is excellent, the original features are well preserved, the forest coverage rate reaches 98.4%, and the forest plant resources are relatively rich. It has been determined that the average content of negative ions in the forest park is in 8450/cubic meters, the highest measurement point of negative ion concentration in Huangjingou can reach 35,000 cubic meters, and the air clarity is Class A, which meets the clean standard. The air in the forest park is relatively clean, which is beneficial to human health, and is suitable for activities such as work forest tourism, leisure and vacation, and health care. Zhaoqing Central City Comprehensive Tourism Area, where the Golden Gou Forest Park is located, is one of the most important tourism regions in Zhaoqing City. Dinghu Mountain, which is only 10 kilometers away from the Forest Park, is one of the more mature areas for tourism development in Zhaoqing City, and it is the tourism banner of Zhaoqing City. . The forest park is more than 400 meters above sea level, and the highest peak is Wuxiang Peak at 678 meters. Tourists can climb the mountain from the ticket office at an altitude of 300 meters. The scenery along the way is beautiful and beautiful. There are waterfalls in groups in the scenic area, the water quality is clear, and the streams and springs can be directly drunk. It is an eco-tourism resort integrating tourism, leisure, health preservation, vacation and natural science education. It now has Tianhu Lake, Wanlu Valley Camping Area, BBQ Field, Wanlu Valley Leisure Health Area, and a large outdoor development base. The Huangjingou Ecological Scenic Spot is equipped with river-tracing adventure, rapid retreat, aerial tightrope walking, bamboo felling, Dulong Bridge, aerial zipline, iron rope ladder, natural slide, swimming in mountain springs, etc. Tickets: RMB 60 Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00 Traffic Reference Route: Enter Dinghu Avenue from Dinghu Guicheng Bus Station and drive for 1.5 kilometers; turn right and enter Phoenix Avenue and drive for 1.4 kilometers; drive on the right and enter X413, drive 6.7 kilometers; turn right, go from X413 to Huangjingou Scenic Spot, drive 460 meters; arrive at Huangjingou Scenic Spot This is really a good place for home tourism, leisure, honeymoon vacation and even retirement! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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