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The closing ceremony of the 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week was held in Nanning

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The closing ceremony of the 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week was held in Nanning

On September 13, the closing ceremony of the 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week was held at the China-ASEAN Online Audiovisual Industry Base. So far, it has been sponsored by the State Administration of Radio and Television, the Ministry of Information of Cambodia, the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Radio and Television Bureau. The 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week, which was led and undertaken, officially came to an end. Lu Zhengning, Deputy Secretary General of the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week, Deputy Director of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Radio and Television Bureau, Ma Jixia, Deputy Director of Guangxi Radio and Television Station, and Tu Jun, Deputy General Manager of Guangxi Radio and Television Network Company attended the closing ceremony. About 100 people including experts and professors from Guangxi Academy of Arts, Nanning Normal University, industry experts and media representatives from participating units of the audio-visual week attended the closing ceremony. ▲The results of the 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week ▲The closing ceremony scene, Deputy Director Lu Zhengning said at the closing ceremony that the results of the 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week were summarized and released. With the theme of "New Audio-Visual, New Opportunities and New Future", a series of activities have been carefully planned and carried out, focusing on showing the fruitful achievements of China and ASEAN countries in deepening radio, television and audio-visual cooperation, actively discussing and looking forward to future cooperation and development, and achieving a number of results. ▲Deputy Director Lu Zhengning released the results of the 4th China-ASEAN Audio-Visual Week based on the new era, showing new audio-visual. On the basis of the previous three TV weeks, the event was renamed from "TV Week" to "Audio-Visual Week", and expanded from TV communication channels to radio, film, and online audio-visual platforms, realizing the continuous improvement of the service and effectiveness of the big audio-visual platform. . In addition, the event overcome the impact of the epidemic, and successfully invited 6 domestic and foreign leaders to attend and deliver speeches online and offline respectively, and 8 officials from the consulate generals of 6 ASEAN countries in Nanning attended the event to ensure high-quality events. , high standard, high quality development. Open new horizons and expand new space. For the first time, the opening ceremony party has innovatively set up the "1+1" dual venue format, and expanded the venue and sub-venues of the opening ceremony party to ASEAN countries for the first time through online video; ASEAN countries; for the first time, the translation, exhibition and broadcasting activities realized "two-way mutual translation and broadcasting" and were publicly shown to the public for the first time. A total of 49 excellent audio-visual works with a total of 178 episodes were exhibited in 7 countries including China, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. It is broadcast on 61 mainstream media frequency channels and new media platforms, and is jointly broadcast in 10 provinces and regions including Guangdong, Fujian, and Sichuan. The exhibition and broadcast activities cover an overseas audience of about 21.24 million and a domestic audience of 124 million. Open up new channels and build a new matrix. The publicity work of this audio-visual week has built a new matrix of all-media publicity that connects China and overseas, and Changda districts, cities and counties. The supportable joint communication matrix can maximize the publicity goal of "full participation and public awareness" at home and abroad. CCTV News Channel, Economic Daily, Guangxi Daily, Guangxi Radio and Television, Cambodia National Television, Cambodia Daily, Thailand TNN News Channel and many other media platforms at home and abroad, iQIYI, Migu Video, Douyin, Kuaishou, Guangxi Audiovisual, etc. The new media platform reported and disseminated the audio-visual week. Among them, the "Chao Wen Tianxia" column of CCTV news channel reported on the related activities of the audio-visual week for two consecutive days. The total reading and playback volume of the young anchor's research video reached more than 2 million. According to statistics, as of September 11, more than 800 manuscripts related to the audio-visual week have been released, and the overall publicity and communication have a wide influence. Seize new opportunities and move towards a new future. At the 2022 China-ASEAN Audiovisual Communication Forum, 19 experts and scholars from China and ASEAN countries focused on the exchange and cooperation experience and prospects of China and ASEAN countries in the field of radio, television and audio, and actively offered suggestions. The Development Research Center of the State Administration of Radio and Television released and interpreted the "China-ASEAN Audiovisual International Communication Decade Development Report" on the spot, fully demonstrating the "extraordinary decade" of China-ASEAN audiovisual communication and communication. During the forum, a total of 10 projects were signed online and offline. The signed projects cover the strategic cooperation framework agreement in the field of radio, television and listening, the development of ASEAN market cooperation projects, China-ASEAN cross-border e-commerce live broadcast cooperation, content co-production cooperation, audio-visual program broadcasting authorization and overseas distribution, etc., covering a wider range than previous years. , will inject a strong impetus to further promote China-ASEAN people-to-people and cultural exchanges and people-to-people bonds. Representatives of relevant units reviewed and shared the experience and harvest of this audio-visual week. At the closing ceremony, representatives of relevant units from the Radio and Television Bureau of the Autonomous Region, Guangxi Radio and Television Station, and China Daily Guangxi Reporter Station participated in the organization and execution of this audio-visual week. , shared the experience and harvest of this audio-visual week. The closing ceremony also introduced relevant information about the upcoming launch of the International Youth Audiovisual Communication Program, which aims to promote the creative sharing, idea communication, content cooperation and research and study exchange visits of international young talents in the field of audiovisual communication. The creation, appreciation and dissemination of audio-visual works carry out exchanges and cooperation. The China-ASEAN Youth Anchor Creation Camp will become the specific implementation carrier of the plan's activities for ASEAN, and will contribute youth wisdom and audio-visual power to building a closer China-ASEAN community of shared future. Source: Guangxi Radio and Television Bureau

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