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so gorgeous! Today's Nanning is full of flowers, welcoming guests and friends from all over the world!

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so gorgeous! Today's Nanning is full of flowers, welcoming guests and friends from all over the world!

On September 16, the 19th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (hereinafter referred to as the China-ASEAN Expo and the Summit) opened in Nanning, and Nanning will usher in another highlight moment. The beautiful Nanning is welcoming the coming of the China-ASEAN Expo and the summit with costumes and enthusiasm. The streets and alleys are filled with a festive atmosphere, welcoming guests and friends from all over the world. Nanning People’s Hall in front of the National Square, Nanhu Park in front of the big screen, “Share the new opportunities of RCEP and boost the 3.0 version of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area”, “Welcome to Nanning, a national civilized city”, and “Wonderful Dongbo Zhongguo to splendid Guangxi Vientiane New”. .....On September 12, the reporter saw the standard propaganda pictures of the China East Expo and the Summit in the square in front of the Nanning People's Hall, the National Square, Nanhu Park, Binhu Square, etc., the festive garden landscape of the East Expo, and the blooming The flowers add radiance and radiance to each other, waiting for the arrival of the event. Strolling in the streets, squares and other public places of Nanning, the unique landscape sketch flower beds are arranged in conspicuous positions in major squares and parks, and the flowers are colorful and colorful. The beautiful scenery lines are very beautiful, and all kinds of flowers, flags, slogans and banners are decorated with a strong atmosphere of welcoming the CAEXPO. In front of the big screen in Minzu Square in Binhu Square, Nanhu Bridge, high-pole advertisements are hung along the expressway of Wuwei Airport in Nanning City. Against the background of blue sky and white clouds, the landscape of the East Expo erected in the National Square is particularly eye-catching; the airport expressway, bus shelters, etc. have been collectively "changed". Enthusiasm for CAEXPO. Nanning, the permanent venue of the China-ASEAN Expo, and China Greentown, is an open, inclusive, warm, beautiful and livable city. During the day, the blue sky and white clouds are always here, and the evergreen trees, colorful flowers and modern buildings interweave the bustling scene of the city. At night, the neon here flashes and shines brightly, showing the different nights and beauty of Nanning. To welcome the event, "hot" moved the whole city. As the event approaches, all preparations are progressing in an orderly manner. On September 16, let's meet in Nanning and meet at the CAEXPO! The 19th China-ASEAN Expo Time: September 16-19 Venue: Nanning Theme: "Sharing New Opportunities of RCEP, Boosting China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Version 3.0" Country of Theme: Malaysia Special Partner: South Korea China "Charm" "City": Chongqing ● China's Never Sleeping City Romantic Night Nanning|Tradition and trend collide, this Internet celebrity night market has a story ● China Never Sleeps City Romantic Night Nanning|This place successfully "out of the circle" with the cultural characteristics of "old friends" ● Mermaids, dolphins, Penguin...the ocean journey in Nanning, come and unlock it! ● A niche campsite in the city! Enjoy the beautiful lake view, suitable for camping, baby walking, barbecue... ● "Gate to the Sky" + characteristic garden landscape, check in this "treasure" park for free ● A light luxury homestay hidden in the mountains, what you want Peace and relaxation are all here! Source of information: Nanning Evening News Nanning Bao client copyright belongs to the original author and is only used for public welfare sharing. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete the reprint and please indicate the source. Thank you for your contribution. Email: [email protected] To add, please indicate your purpose, please call the hotline at 9:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00.) Nanning, eat, drink, play and travel all in one WeChat account: nnslyj Nanning Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau official WeChat warm reminder 】In this way, every time you push an article, it will appear in your subscription list for the first time. Thank you for your support!

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