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Who would be willing to leave Northern Xinjiang in autumn?

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Who would be willing to leave Northern Xinjiang in autumn?

In mid-September, when a long summer-autumn tug of war was still being staged in most cities across the country, the autumn wind had quietly crossed the Altai Mountains and reached the northernmost tip of Xinjiang, brewing an autumn event... North Xinjiang is the first place where the autumn colors of Xinjiang begin. The autumn colors in northern Xinjiang depend on the Altay region. The scenery of Altay (Hemu, Kanas) can be called the top in China. "China National Geographic" once selected the top 10 autumn colors in China, and Hemu Village in its territory ranked first. Altay in September and October is full of beautiful scenery, her beauty is not the same as others, and every place is full of surprises. But good things are often only possessed for a short period of time, and they are only beautiful 30 days a year. The new route with almost 0 tourists in Altay in September is really beautiful. This is our new route. This time, we follow the autumn colors of the northern Xinjiang and focus on the deepest, most primitive and beautiful hinterland of Altay. There are almost no tourists here, and the scenery is also Amazing. Drive along the foot of the Altai Mountains all the way, and walk into the northern Xinjiang, which is invisible to others, and you will meet everything about the northern Xinjiang. The golden autumn season is the transition season for Kazakh herdsmen. When flocks of cattle and sheep migrate under the magnificent scenery, the most shocking scene can only be seen on this road. Starting from Altay, we will travel all the way through the hinterland of the second largest desert in my country, the Gurbantunggut Desert, and enjoy the vast desert scenery along the way. Follow to the northern Xinjiang, go to the hinterland of Altay, approach the fairy tale of autumn, visit the back garden of God, cross the desert road, pass the herdsman's transition road, and if you are lucky, you can see a large number of cattle and sheep in transition. There are few people and beautiful scenery along the way, which is very shocking, and we will not turn back. Epidemic protection that everyone cares about: Requirements: Whether there is an epidemic in your habitual residence, it is a low risk. Before you travel, if your usual place of residence is in a medium or high risk area, or there is an epidemic in your destination, and the itinerary is restricted due to the epidemic, we will cancel the itinerary for you without any damage. The 12-day tour of the Qianli Gallery in the Altay Mountains in Northern Xinjiang will be set up: September 20, the new route in Northern Xinjiang, if you miss it, wait for another year. This autumn in Northern Xinjiang will come earlier than in previous years, and a magnificent symphony of colors cannot wait to be pulled Kick off. We are in the best season, the best way to travel, to go deep into the depths to see those one-of-a-kind views. Whether it is Tuva or Kazakh, they all live by hunting and herding. There is a saying in the Altay area that "camel milk strengthens people, goat milk supplements people, and milk feeds people".

The Herdsman Transition

The variety show "Adventures in the Corner of the World" was also filmed in Altay. Together with Kazakh herdsmen, they drove more than 800 sheep on the prairie. Source "Adventures in the Corner of the World" June to September is the best season for grazing on summer pastures. At this time, the temperature is suitable and there is no shortage of forage. Everything is available on the grasslands; from September to October, the herdsmen should transfer the sheep from the summer pastures. Solstice pasture. Source "Adventures in the Corner of the World" The shepherds are busy riding horses and whips, driving cattle and sheep across grasslands, woodlands, rivers, and heading for winter pastures. Harmonious and natural, they form a perfect dynamic ecological picture. Source "Flavor World" and "Flavor World" have filmed Kazakhs in Altay Big-Tailed Sheep (Altai Sheep is also called Big-Tailed Sheep, because its appearance is several times larger than other sheep's fat buttocks) as soon as the program was broadcast , aroused the stomach of countless food lovers. The Altay sheep that grew up drinking Tianshan snow water, it is tender and soft, rich in fat, slow-cooked in water, add a little salt, strong and sweet, and has a faint milky fragrance.

Kokoto Sea

Kokoto Sea is not a sea, it is a town born of mines, where there is a mining area with the largest mine in the world; the first in Xinjiang "Global Geopark" is also the most amazing hidden scenic spot in northern Xinjiang. There are not too many tourists and no hustle and bustle here. Many people are very unfamiliar with this place. Only a few people come here because of its fame, and veterans who go to the mountains and rivers for it again. ©Lao Ji Fuzhu Golden Autumn In September, Coco Tuohai ushered in the most colorful season of the year. The leaves of birch and poplar trees are golden and colorful; the golden mountains and forests complement each other with the blue river, and the scenery is not inferior to Kanas.

Pit No. 3

The Meritorious Pit of the Republic [Pit No. 3] There are more than 140 kinds of minerals known in the world, and it accounts for 86 kinds. Its great value makes China straightened its "backs", nurtured its own nuclear industry, and repaid the Soviet Union's debt. It also made great contributions to the launch of "two bombs and one satellite" and the construction of the defense world. The Keketuohai No. 3 mine has also changed from a mountain peak more than 200 meters above the ground to a giant pit with a diameter of about 250 meters and a depth of more than 140 meters underground, with 13 layers of spiral transport lanes. Like a huge Roman arena, the platforms descend like a spiral, which is shocking and respectable. After the tour, we set off to the hinterland of the colorful Altay Mountains.


Kanas is the first to arrive in northern Xinjiang. Kanas in autumn is a magical color feast, from lakes to mountains , the layers of forests are dyed, and the colorful is like a fairy tale world. The first thing to look at in Kanas is the endless colorful forest, which is spread from the ground to the hillside. The Shenxian Bay of Kanas Lake is often foggy, mysterious and beautiful among the clouds and mists. Just like the name, it is like the back garden of the fairy, full of mysterious charm. Camel Neck Bay, Wolong Bay, Moon Bay, Ambilight, Mountain Views, Lakes, Trees complement each other, and the clouds and mists make you feel like a fairyland.


Jardengyu, located outside the gate of Kanas Scenic Spot, is a mountain basin surrounded by spruce and larch. The gateway to Kanas Scenic Spot is located. It is about two kilometers from Jiadengyu to the gate of Kanas Scenic Spot. Many hiking enthusiasts will start from Jiadengyu and walk to Kanas. (Many tourists start from Hemu and cross to Jiadengyu on horseback, but they often have to pay the price of wearing their butts.) ‍The white yurts are located on the undulating slopes, the clear lakes and the forests of different colors complement each other, and the grasslands Upper herdsmen also began to change.

Hemu Township

"Photographer's Paradise" Hemu Township, surrounded by golden birch forests, is like a fairy tale world. When the sun comes out every day, the light scatters little by little on the wooden houses in the village, quietly awakening the residents here. It's all like a blockbuster in a magazine. Beside the white yurts of the Kazakh Tuva people in the Hemu grassland, and the cattle, sheep and horses on the alpine grassland, the river flows slowly.

Bai Haba

If Kanas is a beautiful paradise, then Bai Haba is a primitive fairy tale world. The sky is high and the clouds are clear, the layers of forest are dyed, the smoke is curling, the cattle and sheep are full of slopes, and the poetic tranquility. Baihaba Village is known as the first village in the northwest and the first post in the northwest, and is known as one of the eight most beautiful towns in China. The Tuva people who shepherd returned, came from the painting, and went back to the painting! So envious! September is the best season to travel to Kanas in northern Xinjiang. To go to Kanas, you must drive this amazing oil painting-like highway.

Hemu Highway

Hemu Highway in autumn is the most beautiful road in the whole northern Xinjiang. This winding mountain road is the only way to Hemu. Although it is only tens of kilometers, but every time you pass a corner, you will see new surprises ahead. Forests, grasslands, streams, most of the clouds, flocks of cattle and sheep... always dizzying along the way. Occasionally I see a few log cabins, standing alone in the depths of the grassland, like a world in a fairy tale. Leaving Kanas, drive all the way to experience the beautiful scenery of desert, Gobi, pristine lakes and wild animals.

Desert Highway

enters the Junggar Basin and crosses the long-neglected "Millennium Second" - Gurbantong under the Taklimakan Desert in the center of the basin In the hinterland of the Gut Desert, you can see yellow sheep and wild donkeys, and if you have a good character, you can see the Przewalski's wild horse, a national first-class protected animal. Only by self-driving can you know what the second largest inland basin in China looks like. The mobile phone signal along the line is sometimes absent, and you can pass through the no-man's land properly. Enjoying the desert scenery of the vast sea all the way, you can go to Altay at noon, and eat a meal of green and pollution-free wild cold-water fish in Fuhai. It is really beautiful all the way to the end. Affected by the uplift of the terrain and the high pressure in Siberia, the summer heat in the Altay region has not yet completely dissipated, and it will usher in autumn, and in the short autumn around 20, it will usher in snow. Come with us on a quest to explore the Qianli Gallery of the Altay Mountains in Northern Xinjiang! Reminder: 1. Because the air tickets to Xinjiang are relatively cheap at present, please do not rush to book air tickets for the time being. 2. This is not a simple trip to Kanas in northern Xinjiang. Even if you have been to Kanas many times, it is a place you have never set foot in. This is the exclusive starting route, and you can experience the shock brought by Altay Mountain along the border line. This fall, we will go to Altay to fight against pornography.

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