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Why am I infected? What can you do after being infected?

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Why am I infected? What can you do after being infected?

1. Why am I infected? Tuyuan / Shigatse City Rong Media was diagnosed as an asymptomatic infection or a confirmed case, which is undoubtedly a huge blow to everyone. You may think repeatedly: "How could it be me, why me?" It is a natural reaction to not accept being infected, but it also needs to be actively dealt with. Individuals experiencing stressful events first experience a period of denial. Some patients show emotional breakdown, some patients will have unreal feeling, feel like a dream, do not know how to deal with it, hope it is not true; some patients will "suddenly freeze", in a state of numbness or dissociation, etc. These are the body's automatic responses to major events that it cannot cope with, but it is also a body's self-protection mechanism. At this time, we might as well find a place where we can feel safe, warm and lean, sit comfortably, take a deep breath, calm down and call our loved ones, tell them about your situation, and tell them what you need at this time. their support! After the mentality has calmed down a little, actively cooperate with the medical staff in the inspection, isolation and treatment arrangements. After the denial period, there are many other emotions and problems that we need to deal with one by one, which is also very energy-intensive; so it is very important to actively connect with family and friends, and seek resources and support around! 2. After being confirmed to be infected, what should I do if I may experience emotions such as anger, guilt, and self-blame? Tuyuan / Shigatse Rong Media These emotions may appear after being confirmed to be infected. I was very moved when I saw a recovery story shared by a patient on the Internet. The first thing a patient did after his diagnosis was to worry about whether the grandmother and three grandchildren who were in the car with him were infected. Some patients will also be angry, in addition to blaming themselves for "how they were accidentally infected", and even resenting the person who transmitted the virus to them. When we experience these emotions, we can try the following adjustment methods. 1. Recognition Guilt and blame are both angry emotions, internal or external attacks. When we have mood swings, we need to identify them in time. 2. Acceptance Having identified anger, we should try to accept those emotions. First of all, these emotions are normal, and they are bound to be experienced by every patient after they are confirmed to be infected. The virus is the culprit, and we are the victims; second, even bad emotions are functional, and it is these emotions Encourage us to do more stringent protection and self-isolation. 3. Harmless catharsis It’s not enough to just accept, we also need to vent these emotions harmlessly, by crying, video chatting with friends, etc. in any harmless way. It's not that we do it because we're weak, but the backlog of these emotions can cause bigger problems, affect the body's immunity, and even affect the effectiveness of treatment. 4. Control within a limited range Emotional backlogs will lead to emotional outbursts. We must control these emotions within a limited range, accepting those within the range, and venting the excess in time. 5. Transformation, live in the moment Finally, we need to turn guilt, self-blame, anger and other emotions into actions, pay attention to the moment, live in the moment, cooperate more actively with treatment, take the initiative to do some things, and improve autoimmunity. 3. After being confirmed to be infected, what else can we do proactively? When facing the epidemic and disease, taking the initiative to do things and exerting initiative will bring us more sense of control, strength and courage, and there are indeed many things we can do. 1. Pay attention to positive information At present, there are many positive and positive information, we can pay attention to it; the stories of overcoming the virus shared by some patients, the successful treatment experience shared by doctors, and the severity of the disease can be correctly viewed while paying attention to the epidemic situation. The degree of harm to the body. These are all things we can pay attention to, and can also strengthen our belief in defeating the epidemic! 2. Live in the moment No matter what the conditions are, we can do something. Pay attention to the present, and under the premise of avoiding cross-infection, you can help each other with patients, videotape with your family if conditions permit, or support each other with medical staff, cheer up, or read books in the ward, which is a very good way to live in the moment. 3. Maintain immunity In addition to drugs, we also rely on our own immunity to fight the virus, so it is very important to maintain the best mental state and stable mood. There are a lot of audios and videos on the web to guide and help us relax and reduce anxiety and panic. 4. Activating surrounding resources We are not alone, we must learn to activate surrounding resources. We have family, friends, support from the whole society, and national protection! I believe we will win this war without gunpowder smoke! Source: Tibet CDC Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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