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Riding G318 in summer vacation, the father and son who were stranded in Mozhu came home!

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Riding G318 in summer vacation, the father and son who were stranded in Mozhu came home!

"I have a ticket! I have a ticket! I can go home and go to school!" Dad Xiaoyu, a tourist stranded in Mozhu, bought a train ticket for Lizang, and excitedly posted a short video on the Kuaishou platform to share his joy with his family and friends . It turned out that Xiaoyu and his son were riding to Tibet during the summer vacation. Unfortunately, they encountered the epidemic. In early September, they arrived at Riduo Township, Mozhugongka County with other riders. Due to the nervousness of pulling train tickets, Xiaoyu's father was very anxious. On September 4, when the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Mozhugongka County was learning about the needs of the stranded people, Xiaoyu's father and another pair of father and son expressed the hope that the staff could help purchase the tickets for Lizang. After receiving the help, the Mozhugongka County Culture and Tourism Bureau and the Municipal Tourism Development Bureau immediately coordinated the purchase of train tickets. The next day, the good news came that they had already helped two pairs of fathers and sons to buy train tickets back home! On the afternoon of the 9th, Xiaoyu and his son arrived in Shijiazhuang safely. When the reporter contacted him, he was very excited and praised his work in Lhasa. In recent years, 318 cycling and walking have become the choice of many "ALICE" friends. As the east gate of Lhasa, Mozhugongka County is the only way for tourists to come and pull by cycling and walking. Mila Pass, Sijin Lacuo and other scenic spots are also tourists. The Internet celebrity check-in place. During the epidemic, the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Mozhugongka County paid special attention to the protection of cyclists and stranded people on foot. Cyclists and hikers have their own particularities. Only some of them choose to live in hotels. Many tourists choose to camp because of their freedom and habits, or because of the inconvenience of carrying a lot of supplies. Different groups of people have different needs, so classified management services are particularly important. Mozhugongka County Cultural and Tourism Bureau implements a free accommodation policy for tourists who are in hotels due to epidemic prevention and control reasons, and provides tourists with loving meals, so that people who stay in hotels have no worries. For camping tourists, the staff has strengthened inspections along the 318 and 349 national highways, and timely went to the tourist campsites to understand their safety and difficulties, and ensure their basic living needs. Recently, it has been raining and cooling for days, and the weather is getting colder and colder. Since the stranded hikers and cyclists in Riduo Township carry less clothes, how to keep out the cold has become a problem. On September 7, party members and cadres of the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Mozhugongka County spontaneously donated 3,300 yuan to purchase cold-proof clothing for them, making the stranded tourists feel warm, caring and heart-warming. The reporter learned that as of September 7, the Mozhugongka County Culture and Tourism Bureau has served and guaranteed 43 cyclists and pedestrians, and sent 6 tourists to the airport and railway station point-to-point to help the stranded people return home. Dear "ALICE" and other "epidemics", we will meet again in Damei Lhasa Source: Lhasa Release Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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