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There is a Yumenguan site in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, which is full of desolation and has now become a place of nostalgia for the past.

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There is a Yumenguan site in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, which is full of desolation and has now become a place of nostalgia for the past.

It is the solitary smoke in the desert written by Wang Zhihuan, and it has the magnificence and vastness of the vast desert. Standing in front of Yumen Pass, the sky and the earth are empty, and the view is unobstructed. No matter which direction you face, people can feel absolute freedom, triggering endless reverie and contemplation of history. The Yumenguan site is located at the westernmost end of the Hexi Corridor. From Dunhuang to the west, you need to drive nearly 200 kilometers in the deserted desert. On the Gobi Desert, it looks desolate and tragic, as distant as a legend. However, the Yumen Pass in the Han Dynasty was completely different from what people see today. At that time, there was endless prosperity and endless noise. The Yumenguan site mainly includes three sites - Xiaofangpan, Han Great Wall site and Dafangpan site. Yumenguan is commonly known as "Little Fangpancheng". According to legend, the jade of the Western Regions and Tianyu was passed down in the Western Han Dynasty, hence the name. The gravel road leading to Xiaofangpancheng is laid in the desert. The desert connects with the sky. Borders, ancient roads, heaven and earth are silent, and the open space is full of desolation. From the outside, the small square city is square and upright, more like a big mound than a "city". The wall is about 10 meters high, and the surrounding city walls are still well preserved. Walking into the "city", the area is not large, and there are traces of wind blowing on the city walls, and traces of rammed earth layer upon layer. In the Western Han Dynasty 2000 years ago, countless people were forced to come here to build cities and gates for the Han Empire in the desolation and hardships. From Xiaofangpancheng, you can directly access the viewing platform not far away. Walking through the creaking wooden plank road and stepping on the platform, I also saw the scene that people saw a thousand years ago in a trance - the desert is lonely, the long river is setting the sun. The passage of time becomes less visible and easier to ignore in a crowded city, with day-to-day repetition. However, in places with historical sites, this vicissitudes of life can be seen at a glance, as if passing through many times, it is a quite special experience. Dafangpancheng, also known as Hecangcheng, is about 10 kilometers away from Xiaofangpan. It was built in the Western Han Dynasty. It has always been the place where the Great Wall’s frontier defense reserves food and grass until the Wei and Jin Dynasties. munitions warehouse. The area of ​​the Dafangpancheng site is larger than that of the Xiaofangpancheng. Although only a few broken walls remain today, the scale and momentum of the year can still be seen. Their ancient capitals stood under the blue sky and above the loess, as if they were visitors from outside the sky, with an elusive atmosphere. Qin Shi Mingyue Han Shiguan. The turmoil of the year has ended, and the all-powerful emperors and generals have also become a loess. Today's Yumen Pass is a place where people cherish the past and hang on to the present. Thousands of years ago, people used this place as the starting point for making achievements, and they also cherished the moon and sang a song. (You are welcome to like and leave a message in the comment area. For more exciting content, please pay attention / fall out of the list)

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